Blunt Reality: This Is What You Will Face If You Fail To Prep Accordingly


It’s finally happened…

The worst has occurred. The grid has gone down. The balloon has gone up.

While you were one of the “smart ones” who believes in preparing yourself and your family to survive the coming collapse, your neighbors and fellow townsfolk were clueless.

And now the world looks much different than yesterday morning when they woke up.

You know something they don’t.

In fact, here are…

The Top 10 “Wake-Up Calls” For Non-Preppers When TSHTF


1. You look outside your window and only see darkness.

Our government has admitted that our electrical grid is being held together by little more than duct tape and bubble gum.


We’ve had events as “harmless” as a tree branch falling 5 states away cause entire regions of the U.S. to go black.

Without power, without street lights, urban environments become a pitch-black nightmare when the sun goes down.

2. Your family is complaining of being hungry and thirsty all the time

With grocery stores picked clean and chaos still ruling the world outside your home, you’ll be left to survive with only what you’ve collected so far.

In some scenarios, without electricity to run the city’s pumps (or your well), there won’t be any water coming out of your faucet.

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Even if there is, if the utility infrastructure collapses and water treatment fails, the water coming out of your pipes could be dangerously contaminated and come out brown and smelling like chemicals or sewage.

People can only live 3 days without water – even less in hot, stressful conditions.

Even for survivalists who hoarded food and water early, you won’t want to run through your stockpile too soon so rationing will be a big part of your response plan… and you’ll need to make hard decisions.

For non-preppers, it will be much worse!

3. Your toilet is smelling up the house.

With no water, there’s no indoor plumbing. But non-preppers will still try to use their toilets which will soon be useless and begin to stink up their house.

YOU will be forced to find another means of getting rid of what’s coming out of your body.

4. You have no access to an ambulance.

In a disaster, critical injuries are more common but your local paramedics will be overwhelmed with the amount of casualties.

You may be the one who’s responsible of whether your child lives or dies from their wounds.

Basic first aid skills may not be enough if there’s massive bleeding.

5. Fires are burning uncontrolled.

With more people turning to alternative means of cooking and heating in their homes, the probability of fires skyrockets.

But as firefighters are called on to assist with crisis response throughout the area, flames will overtake homes and spread.

6. Mobs are moving from house to house – looting, smashing, and burning.

Police departments are manned based on peacetime needs and not prepared for an all out collapse.

With the anger and frustration over not being “taken care of”, local residents can turn mean and decide to take things into their own hands.

In a collapse, there’s no more law.

7. You pick up the phone to call 911 and the line is dead.

Remember the “old days” when the power went out but your phone still worked?

Well, with the “advancements” of internet lines, most phones now are all delivered digitally and almost nobody uses land-lines anymore.

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In a collapse, if your computer goes down, so does your phone – and the cell networks will quickly become overloaded and drop your signal.

Your trusty smartphone will be useless.

Even if you do get through to emergency services, police will be outnumbered and rendered practically useless

Many police officers will be forced to abandon their posts and look after their own families and as looting spreads to your area, YOU could be the only thing protecting your family.

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8. You feel unsafe at home.

Most people think they can just wait out a disaster.

But what if a flood, wildfire, violent riot, or hostile force is heading your way?

Or the looting mobs spread to your home and there’s no back-up from law enforcement to protect you?

It’s a sad fact that most people will realize they have not choice but to get out of Dodge until it’s too late.

Unfortunately, very few know the right way to design a bug-out “go bag”… even experienced “preppers”.

This is one of the most critical elements of a survival plan and if you don’t get this right, you and your family are in severe danger

9. You look for an escape but there’s no way out.

Without a proper bug-out bag, most people will be scrambling around trying to collect all their belongings to evacuate the area.

This takes up critical time you need to get ahead of the masses.

Amidst the chaos, roadways will be jammed with fleeing citizens and stalled cars that have broken down or run out of gas.

Highways will look more like giant parking lots.

You’re stuck where you are.

10. Traveling outside your home becomes too dangerous.

As a sense of frustration, fear, and hopelessness sets in among your fellow townsfolk, even good people can turn bad.

Desperate people do desperate things to survive – like attacking others for food after asking… then begging… yields nothing for their families.

All travel, even over short distances, will be too risky if you don’t have your go-bag ready and can get out the door before the highways turn into parking lots.

At that point – faced with hordes of desperate citizens in chaos – the odds greatly increase that you could be killed if you venture out.

Preparing To Survive A Collapse

In a collapse, if you haven’t made preparations, if you haven’t stockpiled supplies, if you don’t have a PLAN… you won’t have a prayer of surviving!

Plain and simple.

The sickness, the lack of emergency response personnel, the terrible sanitation, the deprivation from lack of food… these are all realities of trying to survive a collapse scenario with no preparations.

The top ten realities of such an emergency might seem too horrible for most people to face.

But even for those of you who are already preparing, if your only plan lies in your stockpile at home, you can now see all of the threats that you may face that could uproot you and your family in a split second.

This is why all the smart preppers know to start with your bug-out bag – because they realize what others don’t… that you must have the ability to go mobile if a crisis forces you to leave your food, water, and belongings behind.

Put yours together now and put your action plan into place now.

It will be too late to get your evacuation kit together AFTER a crisis is already under way.

What Didn’t We List That You Think Will Be A Smack
Upside The Head For Those Who Don’t Prepare Now?

Please Share Your Insights Below…


  1. Remember when Yehoshua said:
    Matthew 10:7-9 Freely you have received; freely give. Hucksters abound. You are without excuse. Selling vital information for monetary gain goes against this scripture.
    You sicken me. I put you in a class with Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges and Mike Adams. Huckstering at the expense of those in need. Shame on you……..

    • That only applies to Bible truths. Truths of Yahusha are not to be sold, things of men are. Render unto Yahuah the things of Yahuah; and to men, the things of men.

      And as far as I know he puts up FREE and valuable information at his site at your perusal and you don’t have any obligation to buy.

      Really, shame on you!

    • @Joe Roberts – The people you mention give away most of their information FREELY through their websites that we don’t have to pay for! If these people are selling books (or other products), good for them! God’s people are allowed to make a living, He doesn’t wish for any of us to starve to death or live under a bridge. BTW, I wonder how much information you disseminate FREELY? Where’s your website ministering to God’s Flock? How many people have you helped in your life? How many people do you FREELY clothe, house and take care of? How much of your paycheck do you tithe? Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges, Mike Adams and many, many others work for FREE (no charge for their websites, no charge for their radio broadcasts) to bring us information that literally could save our lives one day. If anyone should be ashamed, IT IS YOU for attacking and attempting to tear down individuals that are working hard to help God’s people in these trying days.

    • The Good book also says to buy and sell and make gain (James 4:13). If these news sites did not sell something, they would not be able to bring us news either.

    • Wow, this little article gives you tons of information for free, all you have to do is follow its lead, take the time using this as a template to search it on your own, again for free, prepare for yourself & yours. The internet is a wealth of information, use it to get where you believe you should be! Good luck, it is not like the warning bells have not been going off for some time, but it is also not to late to start taking action and not expecting it to drop in your lap.

  2. The above people who sicken you give out lots of valuable free information on their websites and on youtube videos. Time is money and when they give away their time they are essentially giving away money. What have you done? You seem to think people who spend their lives researching survival and food production should donate their hard won research for free and many do but who are you to condemn. Do you give 100% of the fruits of your labor away each month? Yet you seem to think these people have no right to make a living in their area of expertise. I would venture to say the above “hucksters who you despise give away far more of the fruits of their labor in the form of valuable information and actual money then you. You are extremely judgmental and I could be wrong but I doubt you give all that freely of your resources. I will wager that most people like you who are quick to condemn others, especially Christian men like Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges are more often than not miserly themselves and give away very little of their resources. Steve has often shared how he has given money, lots of money, to help those in need and has urged others to do likewise.

  3. Steve just today gave away 50 copies of his latest book , ” Tears An Ocean Of Emotion ” to widows , widowers , and parents who have lost a child , or anyone going thru the grieving process .

  4. I am in full agreement, except for bugging out! Prepare at home and then you will not have too! Sell your house in town and then move to the country, you say you can’t do that, BS I did it and assumed the debt to save my family from what might come. Do you realize that there will be no one coming if you miss a mortgage payment after the shit hits the fan !!! Wake the hell up! We are talking no more anything people! I have lived and learned to be an outdoors man all my life, I’m not a snowflake! I have hunted and killed and dressed out meat to eat. Wake up and be a man or woman that is responsible!

  5. Have a bug-out location in advance. Have it stocked with most of your food and water. Make sure it’s not too far to walk. An EMP might kill your wheels. Have a good backpack stoked and ready. Ruger 10-22 rifle with plenty of ammo. If you’re on foot, the rifle is loaded and in hand. Water filter, container, blast match, lighters, Mylar blankets, Freeze dry food, portable stove, big knife, fire starters, poncho and the Arc Of The Covenant and you should be fine. Staying home and expecting to stay alive is stupid. Won’t happen. You will look like food and you will be eaten. Talked to a guy just yesterday who told me his plan was to take it from the helpless. I told him idiots like him were why I bought guns and loaded tons of ammo. Probably 85% of the population are in that category. Maybe more. Best of luck to us all.

  6. You mention how so few people know what needs to be in the BoB, and how everyone needs to know what SHOULD be in a BoB. Do you have an article that tells people what should be put into a BoB?

    • If you search bug out bag checklist, you will find several articles that will give you an ideas for your BoB. Some are very informative giving reasons for specific items, because why would you carry something with no wisdom of its use. A compass was the 1st thing I laid out because it will get me to where I am going off the beaten path without getting turned around and lost, next provision for water (wide mouth bottle, bandanas, filters) so on and so on, just remember your back and bag can only carry so much. Good luck and glad you are thinking ahead