Life After Doomsday: An Accurate Expectation Of What Is To Come…


In this article, we are going to examine life after doomsday with logical divination.  Instead of cherry picking from the ether, we’re going to use our history to accurately project what life after doomsday may look like.    Throughout survival and preparedness communities there’s been a massive amount of biased conjecture fueled by a lack of narrative and fantastical imaginations seeded by dusty concepts published by beatniks in ivory towers.  These pompous authors chase the almighty dollar by offering up post-apocalyptic predictions lacking substance and reference to the real world.  With this article, we will humbly extinguish the fruits of their disingenuous labor by illustrating an accurate expectation of what is to come…

Why is it necessary to know what our post-apocalyptic future will look like?  Many in our neurotic community would like you to think they’re prepared for whatever the future holds.  In my experience, a man’s bravado can be directly correlated to his denial.  I’ve seen this behavior throughout many of my three-day survival retreats where I take a cadre of people into The Mojave Desert.  The guy (or girl) that is most arrogant is almost always the one that throws in the towel first.  It’s easy to be an academic survivalist, but when reality bites you on the a** your tune will change in the blink of an eye.  They weren’t mentally prepared for the reality of surviving in a 120° desert succubus, and they paid for it.  While this is a loose analogy to surviving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the precedent is the same, they didn’t know what to expect, and instead of turning down their ego a couple notches to research what they were up against, they went into the challenge blind.  That is the point of this article, to mentally prepare your expectations for something you have never faced.

Preppers around the world have an ongoing wager on what is going to cause The Apocalypse.  Do you know who will win the bet?  None of them.  Why?  None of us win because doomsday actually happened, meaning our friends, family, and standard of living have died along with everything else.  I’ve heard more than my share of lunacy from those within our community that yearn for the end days, nuclear war, zombie apocalypse, or anything that’ll give them a reason to crack into their 24 pack of ration bars driving around town with ‘I told you so’ spray-painted on the side of their cars.  They’re not ready for a post-apocalyptic life…


The Apocalypse

There are so many likely causes of doomsday including; CBRN events, economic collapse, revolution, martial law, solar flare, geological disasters, power grid failure, and etc..  Each of these apocalyptic events poses unique risks, which is why I advocate preparing for all of these events, not just one.  For example; you’re prepared for a power grid failure but are faced with an airborne viral pandemic that has crippled the nation.  Are you going to survive without the items necessary to survive a viral pandemic?  Take my word for it, don’t focus on specific doomsday scenarios, prepare for any possibility.  You can read each of the following articles to gain an understanding of general preparedness;

I had considered writing a general preparedness guide, but then I’d just be recycling stuff I’ve said a million times before, which I’m no fan of.  While CBRN events have always been at the top of my list there’s no way of telling whether it’s going to be an airborne strain of Ebola decimating the world’s population or a solar flare taking us back to the stone age.  If we don’t know what causes the apocalypse, how can we know what’s going to happen after it happens?  Fortunately, throughout recorded history there have been localized disasters we can learn from with parts of the third world ‘living’ in conditions we consider pseudo post-apocalyptic, providing us with a unique social experiment we can extrapolate useful data from allowing us to apply that knowledge to a post-apocalyptic theory.

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Cultural Relevance

Going against the grain we are going to explain differing cultural responses to disaster.  I challenge you to visit every survival and preparedness website available and see if they ever discuss the relevance of cultural responses after disasters.  While it may not be politically correct, it is still a fact.  Let’s take for example Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed lives and properties up and down the Gulf Coast with the worst damage around New Orleans.  Even though New Orleans residents received notice of the impending disaster days prior to the event they did nothing to prepare.  New Orleans had a high concentration of Americans dependent on the government for their care, food, and water prior to Hurricane Katrina.  After the storm the trend continued, and since none of them took steps to prepare for the storm hundreds of thousands of people turned to looting.  Even after ninety nations from around the world provided aid, looting persisted, and even worse — widespread news of rape and murder in and out of The Superdome rocked the world.

Fast forward eleven years to Texas, which recently had one of the worst floods in the state’s history.  The residents were warned a few days ahead of the flooding and they began preparing their homes, stocking up on water and food, or leaving their homes to stay with family and friends on higher ground.  After the flooding hit, do you know what happened?  Texans worked together to help one another, saving people stranded on top of their homes, and those who had extra offered to those who had nothing.  After everything was said and done five people had accidentally died from the flooding.  While Hurricane Katrina was much worse than the flooding in Texas, the moral of the story still presents fundamental differences in their response to the disaster.

Considering these two states are right next to one another what cultural differences played a role in their response?  To be honest their responses could be due to several factors.  Louisiana is ranked 4th on Federal dependency while Texas is ranked 29th, and Louisiana is ranked 2nd in Welfare dependency with Texas ranked 20th.  The theory is the more dependent you are on the government increases the likelihood of you not being prepared for a disaster, making you desperate when disaster strikes.  Another mitigating factor could be due to current crime rates.  Alexandria, LA is ranked the 4th most dangerous city in America, only a couple hours away from New Orleans, not to mention cities with high rates of government dependency reflect high rates of crime.  In addition to the factors listed above, there is a stark difference between rural and urban cultures.  With this in mind these key factors play a role in how your city, town, or state will react to disaster;

  • Urban Values Rural Values
  • Community Autonomy
  • Current Crime Rates
  • State’s Dependency on Federal Funding
  • The People’s Dependency on Government

Timeline Variables

In the following projections we use three intervals of time; the day after, three weeks later, and three months later.  This timeline has a variable contingent upon the disaster we are faced with.  Obviously, if we are in the midst of a CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) Event the timeline wouldn’t be accurate.  To quantify this variable we can assume the timeline starts after the CBRN threat has subsided.  If it’s a nuclear event the timeline stays unchanged, but migration patterns will be based on fallout patterns. If it’s a biological threat like a virus the timeline will begin when there aren’t enough human beings to spread the virus. Chemical disasters are the ultimate variable that no one will be able to fully gauge until it happens; soil, air, food, and water could all be tainted.  By tabulating these variables you will be able to establish a tangible understanding of this timeline.

The Day before Doomsday

‘The Day before Doomsday’ is a mild euphemism describing the timeline leading up to doomsday since we’re relying on educated speculation.  We could have days of prior notice depending on what disaster we face.  There will be four common types of people that will come out of the woodwork after we hear the news…

The first group will be preppers busy suppressing their fevered excitement as they sure up their homes, or bug out to their predetermined bug out locations.  Preppers will stick out like a sore thumb once people know disaster is imminent, making them a target for those less fortunate or morally bankrupt.

The second group will be normal civilians who aren’t prepared for disaster but have a few weeks’ worths of food in their fridge and pantry. They aren’t desperate yet, so they try to buy whatever food and water they can and decide to shelter in place unless otherwise directed.

The third group will be looters who have no (or not enough) food and water, or just elated to take advantage of the chaos.  Whether these people do this out of desperation or malice, they are both equally dangerous.

The fourth group will be mass migrants which could possibly include all the groups above depending on the type of disaster that strikes forcing hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes with three to five days of water and a week or so of food.

No matter what group these people were a part of The Day before Doomsday; their paths will be forever altered.  The Day before Doomsday you could be innocent, virtuous, considerate, and for all intents and purposes a decent human being.  It’s a cathartic experience to know on this day you could lose yourself, but every act of creation is first an act of destruction (Pablo Picasso).

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1 Day after the Apocalypse

Knowing what happens the day after the apocalypse is extremely important to your survival.  Assuming we are not faced with an extinction level event where basically everyone not hunkering down a mile below the surface is dead meat, the post-apocalyptic outcome will be fairly similar.  No matter what disaster we face, The Government’s priority is not to preserve life but to preserve the continuity of The Government, a mission directive known as Eagle Horizon created by Barack Hussein Obama which says nothing about providing aid to Americans.  Mark my words ladies and gentlemen; these sons of bitches will be our greatest threat after doomsday.  Before I get sidetracked let’s move on.  There will be a thin veneer of response but it will be short-lived…

Americans have an expectation FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) will come to the rescue when disaster strikes, which is a foolish notion when you consider how unprepared they were for Hurricane Katrina, and other disasters throughout history.  All it takes is for more than one population center to fall victim to a major disaster to overwhelm FEMA beyond their capabilities, along with the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  These agencies will surely make an attempt to help, but as can be seen throughout the short history of bureaucratic government agencies, they will fail out of sheer incompetence, under-staffing, and a misappropriation of manpower.  Let’s check in on these guys in a few weeks.

There will be a reliance of LEOs (Law Enforcement Officials).  When officers are faced with a major doomsday event, he (or she) like anyone else will want to look after their own families instead of taking a place on the front lines where they would surely die.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be some LEOs pounding pavement, but they will undoubtedly become the right hand of FEMA through liaison roles where the government will further misappropriate additional manpower while facing mass desertion and the possibility of being overrun.

Looters will take advantage of the chaos continuing to clear out shelves.  At this point stores are starting to run out of products from the initial influx of looters, forcing smarter looters to begin hoarding their spoils, while the less intelligent looters that spend their checks before they cash them will likely be overrun.  Those that survive will stock their caches with all the items people are going to need after the apocalypse (antiseptics, antibiotics, painkillers, ephedrine, food, grain, water, raw materials, etc.) preemptively positioning themselves for powerful roles down the road.

The shock will echo throughout the nation as news of Doomsdays’ death toll sails through the internet and eclectic newscasters.  After the disaster, our news sources will be fairly limited, but to be honest I believe the internet will survive most disasters for a few weeks.  After receiving the news most people will be in shock, and denial for a few days, waiting on help that will quite possibly never come.  It is at this point in time where people will start to learn who they really are when the chips are stacked against them.

3 Weeks after the Apocalypse

The Government begins to lose control.  A week after the disaster uprooted everything we know and love it seems help is not coming.   Three days after the disaster FEMA and the National Guard deploy several units to multiple states, but they were grossly unequipped to care for the millions of people in need of water, food, and shelter.  After a couple weeks FEMA’s supplies begin to dwindle.  The people begin to blame the government for not being prepared, or not being able to prevent the disaster, but mostly because they will need someone to blame.  Growing resentment and desperation pushes them to insurrection, and when they’re turned away from FEMA’s food lines the tension boils over.  In an hungered frenzy the camps are overrun.  Government officials are killed, the scarce remaining supplies are frantically devoured, and those who weren’t able to get their share turn on the people who did.  It will be a bloodbath.

The absence of the military will be notable.  If whatever caused the disaster only affected a few countries, including The United States, there is an immense likelihood our military won’t be able to come back home because other countries might decide to make a play for ours.  Regardless, the chain of command will be completely severed, causing dissent throughout The Armed Services.  Soldiers will want to see their families, and with a lack of direction, the ranks will slowly erode.

Tribes will begin to form.  It won’t take long for people to realize there is strength in numbers, with looting, murder, and land-borne piracy taking hold, tribes will begin to form.  The like-minded will flock to one another, which is where things start to get incredibly interesting and dangerous.  Rural Townships where Peter knows Paul will begin to guard their borders, including their farms, mills, and means of capital.  The smart looters who hoarded a massive amount of goods during the first couple days will employ junior mercenaries to protect their goods while laying the groundwork for a bartering system.  Career criminals will turn to career pirates, pouncing upon the weak, taking whatever supplies they have, and possibly more.   Small groups of urban dwellers will form during the mass migration, forming bonds on the road that will be broken when a more advantageous opportunity comes along.  Renegade military outfits left with a massive amount of firepower will do one of two things; they will be an engine of hope or harbingers of disparity.  It could go either way.  I’ve been around service members long enough to know there are good and bad men in our Armed Services and after the apocalypse, the veil will drop.

The Militias will rise after the Apocalypse.  It is no secret there are organizations that are not so virtuous with less than honorable intentions.  Radical religious, Nazi, and anarchist militias will be chasing their own agendas.  These people will be dangerous and will do anything to achieve their goal of destroying America once and for all.  Above all other directives, eliminating these groups is paramount.

Religious zealotry will take hold.  After weeks of starvation, thirst, and all-around misery, people will turn to their faith for comfort.  Before you get upset with me, know that I am a God-fearing man.  That being said, prepare for the snake charmers to slither out of their holes to take advantage of your grief.  New religions will spring up faster than a Jim Jones revival, and with these new religions comes a new breed of fanaticism.  Not only will we have to deal with the new school fanatics, but we will be faced with the old school ones too.  Radical Islamist Groups like those in Dearborn, Michigan will undoubtedly spread terror throughout the United States in an attempt to establish a caliphate.  Every single last one of them should be killed before they gain momentum and more followers.  These people will spread like a fucking yeast infection if they’re not stopped.

Class warfare will be in full swing.  Think about the current state of affairs, and how half the country believes it is entitled to what others earn, or that some people have too much money, and etc..  That green-eyed monster will come to bear its head after doomsday, and these immoral shills will begin to target the upper echelons of our society.  The upper class knows it has a target painted on them, which is why there has been a spike in bunker purchases by the wealthy.  None the less, these acts of savagery against the wealthy will plant the seed of communism that will need to be extinguished sooner rather than later.

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3 Months after the Apocalypse    

Drug abuse and alcoholism will be a prominent condition throughout the United States.  After three months of hunger, fighting, and surviving in a barren wasteland people will turn to alcohol and drug abuse to cure depression and PTSD.  Those few looters who were smart enough to cache their goods, and establish a bartering hub also saw a void and decided to fill it with methamphetamine and alcohol, two substances incredibly easy to make in a post-apocalyptic world.

The rise of religious zealotry will mutate into fascism.  It’s a whole hell of a lot easier to sell snake oil than the truth.  The snakes that conned their congregations with self-deprecating analysis will have them convinced it was America’s sinful ways that brought the wrath of God.  These false prophets will issue edicts to cleanse the people of their sin, while the snake charmer back at home is doing blow off a man-lady’s ass.

The tribal townships and the upstanding militias stake their claims.  In an effort to protect their farms and land, the towns that closed off their borders to outsiders will enlist the help of upstanding militias that have a clean reputation to protect their townships against outside forces by offering land, or other resources.

Some militias will turn into raiding parties.  Those militias that run out of food, and morality, will turn to raiding, even some of the good ones.  When you’re desperate there’s no telling how far you’d be willing to go to feed you or your family, and where there are no good men to take action, these groups will seize that opportunity.  Small towns will be ransacked and occupied because it didn’t take long for raiding parties to figure out you need farms to eat, which is what many of these towns have plenty of.  It is for this reason townships will enlist good militias to defend their property, or else they would be falling victim to raiders too.

Murder, rape, and crime will skyrocket.  You know, whenever I’m in a debate with an anarchist in defense of The Republic I always think to myself ‘They wouldn’t last a day in the presence of true anarchy.’, and three months after the apocalypse that is exactly what this nation will be in pure anarchy.  The only places with rule of law will be fascist compounds, and small townships trying to hold on to what was.  Everywhere else law will be non-existent.  Look at places like Liberia, or the Congo where there is no real law, and you will see exactly what man is capable of.  What, you think because we’re Americans it’ll be any different?  It won’t be.  Once the chains of law are set aside you will all see what we are capable of, and it isn’t pretty.

You will see a faint resurgence of government.  It’ll be a rumor at first, but then you’ll start hearing bits and pieces of information extrapolated from all around the country.  States like Texas and Wyoming with strong state guards will try to institute normality into the country. States will start to fight one another while having to defend themselves from factions within the country refusing to let the government come back and ruin their party.  Any government that tries to resurface will most likely commit itself to restoring their state to pseudo-tolerable levels.

Closing Thoughts

It is damn near impossible to project what the world will look like a year after doomsday.  Divining post-apocalyptic life three months after the disaster is a much easier task because we’re able to use past events as a litmus test.  For instance, in 2011 Syria was in the midst of a civil war, Bashar al-Assad laughed in the face of our P***y in Chief’s ‘red line’ by using chemical weapons against his people.  As the world turned its back on Syria, a vacuum was left behind, bringing upon the filthy daesh known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).  A fine example of what happens when good men refuse to act after disaster allowing the rise of radical zealots. We can see what happens to relief camps in countries like Sudan, Liberia, and The Congo; workers begin selling aid for profit, rebels rob camps of all aid and vaccines, while murders and rape are a part of everyday life.

Central Africa has always provided the world with a unique opportunity to see what our lives would be like without our modern day conveniences.  Central Africa is for all intents and purposes a region of two political extremes, complete anarchy, and religious fascism.  I would love for all these people who bash The Republic and profess their love for anarchy to spend some time in the Central African Republic.   Using the history of this region while researching the effects of disasters in our own country is how I came to the conclusions listed in this article.

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  1. This article runs under the assumption that the government entities would even attempt to assist after any event and after events like katrina and other events where Fema turned away legitimate help in a failed attempt to control the entire effort and in future events they won’t care about “Helping” people since they clearly want people to suffer and die and they demonstrate this to Americans daily.
    I don’t care how much you want to believe that the controllers will do anything to help save lives, THEY WON”T, they only want power and control and it’s a shame that so many people are in denial about this fact but if they would just take an honest look around they just might see through all the daily propaganda and see the world for what it is …….A GLOBAL CORPORATION!

  2. There is another scenario that you omitted which I believe is the most likely one. That is the rise of the antichrist who, as tradition has it, will bring order out of chaos. The Bible provides a very detailed and accurate description of what society will be like under that government.
    Many people believe that after any apocalypse we may experience, there will be a period of chaos followed by farmers and ranchers who will finally be left in peace to begin a new civilization. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bible prophecy describes no situation like that at all, instead telling us that the period before Christ’s return will be a one-world government under the wicked antichrist with curses and plagues being visited upon the earth from God.
    I prep to survive the immediate days after the apocalypse hits. There will indeed be a time of chaos and upheaval before the return of Christ.

  3. Govt Mule, absolutely correct!
    We can already see the beginnings of that prophecy being fulfilled:
    – Globalism is on the march. I believe the one-world govt will come through the UN.
    – The cashless society is a must in order to bring about a one-world govt. It’ll be shoved down our throats soon.
    – The massive increase in knowledge about AI and genetics will enable “the mark of the beast”.

    I do believe we’re still in the Church Age, though in its very final, last days. Son the Four Horsemen of Revelation will ride! Those will be the days for survival!

  4. GOD WARNED EVERYONE,to leave the Apple of his eye alone,ISRAEL AND JERUSALEM,americans don’t have a clue who OUR FATHER is or what he may do to them,the US MILITARY are prepearing to fight him on his return to this world,america lives in a total demonic induced dream world,THAT NEVER EXISTED AND NEVER WILL,when all this fighting and WAR is over,there might be a few hundred survivors at best,it won’t be many,YOU GUYS had best come out of your denial,OR its going to cause your death,and then a trip to Hell…I know you don’t want that,BUT you read REVELATIONS in the Bible,it makes it clear whats coming,and really in america, it will be a thousand times worse,OUR FATHER is going to do a house cleaning,AND AMERICA will be at the top of his list,AS THEY SHOULD BE,I advise you to learn who OUR FATHER IS,hes really a great guy,IF you know him,IF your one of his enemies,well you made that choice,you chose poorly…and YOU will regret it for a long time in the future….

  5. I guess I should have mentioned this to,YOU HAVE A MINI SOLAR SYSTEM is approching from the south of earth,ITS outer orbiting planets are now in the sky,and can be seen on clear days,DO ANY OF YOU have a clue what will happen when it passes within 20,000,000 miles of our planet??EARTH will roll over like a beach ball,the oceans will come up out of their basins,all coastal areas will be wipped out,the earthquakes will be 12-15 in magitude,there won’t be much still standing after it has passed,all the roads and highways will be completely destroyed,IT has a debrae field following it earth will be passing through,asteroids from the size of a golf ball, to five or ten miles in dia. will be hitting this planet,BY THE THOUSANDS..WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU IS THE TIP OF THE ICEBURG,of whats coming…….

  6. Hey Arizona, just wondering, how’d some internet nobody get hold of such detailed information about such a cataclysmic event that nobody else has even heard of?