During the Collapse: Know Your Enemy Part 1 – The Unprepared Neighbor


This guy is your enemy.   (During the Collapse, that is.)

He doesn’t seem like it; in fact, he looks kind of wimpy.  He’s not a jack-booted Homeland Security trooper breaking down your door to take your guns, so he can’t be a threat, right?

Wrong.  Dead wrong.  He’s a bigger threat to most of you than the government.

Of course the government will be a threat, especially in urban areas where they will congregate and hold onto power in their fiefdoms.  Gangs will also be a threat (more on that in Part 2 of this series).  My point is that the guy pictured above – the unprepared neighbor – is the one most likely to actually try to take your stuff and, if necessary, hurt you and your family.

Who is this guy and why is he a threat?

He’s the guy who lives next to you.  Just an average guy.  Maybe you even gently tried to bring up the topic of prepping with him.  He looked at you like you were from Mars and said, a little sarcastcially, “Oh, like those people on Doomsday Preppers?”  Being a good (feminized) male in the suburbs, he thought preppers were a bunch of right-wing crazies who just had some weird fetish about (icky, icky) guns.  He had plenty of opportunities to prepare but spent his time and money on concerts, trendy clothes, and whatever else most of America thinks is more important than taking care of their families in a crisis.

Then the Collapse hits.  Very soon his high-end grocery store is out of goat cheese and the police are no longer functioning.  After the shock and total disbelief wears off, he is terrified.  Not just scared, but lose-your-mind hysterical.  He’s been awake for several days because of all the gunfire he’s hearing, the baby has been crying, and his wife has been screaming at him for hours to “do something!”  (This, of course, is a story in itself because she was the one who told him he can’t have a gun like Todd and Chloe in the 299 Days book series.)  Your unprepared neighbor is not thinking rationally.  He’s desperate.  Studies show that after about 72 hours without food, people – even “nice” ones – will do horrible things to feed themselves and their families.  He needs to shut her up, get some food, and feel safe.  He’ll do anything to make that happen.  Anything.

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He remembers that conversation he had with you about “having a little bit of food in case the power goes out during the next ice storm.”  He remembers seeing you putting a gun into your car that day you went to the shooting range.  It all becomes “clear” to him: You need to give him food and a gun.  It’s only fair.  Besides, he tries to reassure himself, you are a nice guy.  You’ll help.

He walks over to your place.  He’s nervous and scared of what he’ll do.  He politely knocks on your door.  You don’t know it’s him so you don’t answer – home invasions are happening everywhere and the last thing you want to do is let anyone in.

The knocking gets louder.  Then even louder; by now, it’s pounding.  Who ever it is banging on your door is angry.

Finally, you recognize his voice.

Should you let him in?

How you answer this is a personal choice and depends on the circumstances.  However, my point is that you must recognize this guy for what he is: your enemy.  That’s kind of harsh, but here’s why.

You can’t solve his problem.

You can’t feed him and his family for the next few months or even years or guard his place all night instead of guarding your own.  You just can’t.  That was HIS job and he failed miserably.  He feels humiliated that he didn’t take care of his family – and his wife won’t stop yelling at him.  You are the reason (in his mind) that his problem isn’t getting solved.  So, instead of you being able to solve his problem, you ARE his problem.

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Whether or not you let him in and give him a little food, he will start to talk to all the other neighbors who, of course, are not prepared either.  They will decide that you’re a “hoarder.”  Maybe the authorities are out looking for “hoarders” or “illegal guns” and one of the neighbors suggests that they turn you in.  You get the picture.  This guy is your enemy.

What can you do?  Two things.

First, recognize that a seemingly harmless guy like this will, indeed, be your enemy.  Recognizing this is the first – and biggest – step in successfully navigating this problem.

Second, get the hell out of that neighborhood at the first sign of the Collapse.

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  1. We have lots of these people living around us,,, ill give em a choice, they can work in the fields in exchange for food or they can suck on the barrel of my AR,,, real simple, think it wont work? The peeps who arent prepared are not going to be in any position to argue, some will to be sure, some will even demand, they may go home mad that day but they wont be coming back……

  2. Well stated Survival Dan. I have two neighbors, one on either side. One has not bothered to be friendly other than convivial conversation every few months, the other speaks with me at least every other day. Guess which one of those two I would help? If things go from bad to worse, I will not help either as we have in-laws I have offered help who come first in my book.

  3. You want ME to leave MY home because of some SCUMB@G? NO FREAKIN’ WAY.

    You do NOT let him in. You do NOT feed him. And, absolutely, positively, do NOT arm him. He is a danger to himself, his protectorates, you, and your protectorates.

    Follow strict ROE (Rules of Engagement) in this scenario. If he threatens or attempts to break-in/enter/steal/sabotage your home/supplies, he is trying to KILL YOU. Act accordingly.

    • You are one of the unprepared aren’t you. It is easy for you to judge when you have not done anything to help yourself and expect another to do it for you. Here is how it works, if I give my preps away to help others that have none and I will starve. That is not going to happen. This is your wake up call.

      • Absolutely right!!! Mamacoolaid has been drinking too much of it she’s drunk. If she think for one second that she & her brood can come crying with her hands out when I have family to help she is kidding herself. Crocodile tears r not going to work when these people have had plenty of time to prep themselves. She can eat her first born. No compassion!
        If they won’t help themselves now then I’m not helping them then. They can piss off!
        Bad misconceptions of prepares will not matter to me when I’ve survived & she hasn’t! No one will care Mama! Get prepped now or pay the price later. Only a fool will help you.

        • Jesus told a parable about a “prepper” who stored up so much he had to build a new barn to hold it. The man patted himself on the back for being prepared for many years to come. Jesus told him’ “you fool, tonight your soul will be required”. Luke 12:20 In all honesty, be careful

  4. I have a disabled son so bugging out would be quite difficult as I am single with no other family. I am stocked and ready for the long haul. I even have a gallon of beef blood in the freezer if I ever need to make my house look less inviting outside. I will share what’s in my kitchen pantry as most of my neighbors have small children but no one will ever find out about the stashes. My goal is to just be another unprepared in the burns.