Genetic Armageddon: Satan Setting Himself Up as God (Part 2)


In part 1(read part one of this article here) we looked at how new technology soon will reach the point where anyone can make genetically modified creations, due to innovations like synthetic printable DNA. The focus of the Luciferian elite long has been to destroy all of God’s original creation, especially man, since we were created in His image.

We noted that once before mankind went down this road, and then it led to the Flood, with the destruction of nearly everyone and everything because of the evil that genetic manipulation had caused.

While many of the scientists involved aren’t aware of the larger agenda and merely think they’re working toward improving lives, that doesn’t change the end results. Increasingly however, we’re seeing more “mad” scientists and they’re making creations that have negligible use and which only will result in suffering for the creatures involved. In other words, they don’t even have good reasons for some of the tampering they’re doing, other than the fact that they can do it.

In the drive to play god and to be gods themselves, any limits on the ability to create and/or transform are being rejected. Ethics and morals don’t come into play in this area, no matter how many calls we hear for discussion about possible consequences. Some of the articles below deal with very obvious uses for this technology and it isn’t surprising that DARPA is driving the agenda for both technology and biology in order to weaponize anything possible.

The other downplayed consequence isn’t military use or control by government agencies, but concerns private uses by terrorists and drug dealers. It seems that no matter how much the media hypes new discoveries as promising innovations, and progress toward the creation of a better world, what doesn’t change is the heart of man. When even the ‘beneficial’ aspects cross the line of where we should go, is it surprising then that men can come up with ever more ways to create evil?

Genesis 6:5  And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Genetic Armageddon / “Mad” Scientists

The Dangers of Human Gene Editing  

It is often said that if it can be imagined, it will inevitably be done. And such a sentiment could not be any truer in terms of applying genetic engineering and synthetic biology to the genomes of our planet’s organisms including humans themselves. While the process of synthesizing and arranging genetic code has many processes, perhaps none has been as promising as the CRISPR-Cas (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) system. From laboratory experiments to emerging software used to create code genetically almost as easily as code for a computer, gene editing has never been easier, opening the door to never-before-possible applications.

Perhaps no technology yet has been poised to change the world so profoundly. All life on Earth, every living organism, now stands the possibility of potentially being “edited” on the most basic genetic level, enhancing or degrading it, but forever changing it. Talk of gene editing usually revolves around its use to treat diseases and produce super-crops and livestock to “save the world.” But as history has shown us, any technology is but a double edged sword. Whatever good it is capable of, it is proportionally capable of just as much bad.

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The first and foremost danger of human gene editing in particular is its use in weaponized vaccines. Such fears are founded upon what was revealed by the United Nations during the apartheid government in South Africa where a government program named “Project Coast” actually endeavored to produce vaccines that were race-specific in hopes of sterilizing or killing off its black population.

Another danger is “slow kill.” This would be the process of using gene editing to affect individuals directly or through a genetically modified food supply subtly, infecting or killing off targeted demographic groups over a longer period of time. The advantage of this method would be the ambiguity surrounding what was causing upticks in “cancer” and other maladies brought on by degraded immune systems and overall health.

Scientists Plan to Genetically Engineer Animals to be Used by US Military 

Sputnik News relates: “Scientists already have made progress toward genetically engineering animals for war, according to Foreign Policy’s Benjamin Soloway. Increasingly realizing that robotics have limitations, they have turned to animals, “in a high-tech extension of a tradition that stretches from George Washington’s cavalry to the dogs, dolphins, and rats of the modern battlefield….” Yes, animals always have been used on the battlefield, but now they’ve begun to genetically modify them to make them more useful for military purposes. That’s a step too far, and again, it ties in to the destruction of God’s original creation, as scientists believe they can make it “better” and “more useful.”

“After realizing that it was too challenging to build aircraft that were that tiny and reliable, DARPA turned its attention to insects, which are already abundant and engineered by nature to be better than anything humans could make. DARPA has spent the past decade researching how humans can control insects and mammals through electronic impulses to the brain, as well as through genetic modifications to the nervous systems of insects, Foreign Policy reports.

The results have been surprisingly successful: Scientists can now hijack the brains of beetles and order them to stop, start, and turn, and are working on more advanced directions. Scientists also are looking to create tech-integrated insects that can be controlled by drone operators.

Over the past decade, scientists in Korea have used viruses to deliver jellyfish genes to felines, thereby creating glow-in-the-dark cats, Scientific American reported.

“Future generations are going to grow up tinkering not with computers, but with life itself,” Anthes wrote. “There is a growing community of ‘biohackers,’ science enthusiasts who are experimenting with genes, brains, and bodies outside the confines of traditional laboratories, working on shoestring budgets in their garages and attics, or joining the community labs that are springing up around the globe.

Real Jurassic World not far from reality?  This is all part of the plan, not only to change man from a creation in God’s image, but to change Creation itself into a world more suitable to Satan? Why else would anyone consider actually re-creating dinosaurs to co-exist with man?

Jeremiah 7:24  But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear, but walked in the counsels and in the imagination of their evil heart, and went backward, and not forward.

Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the successful film series, in theaters June 12, will take viewers back to a world in which dinosaurs have been revived. It’s not just be a movie, says Andrew Torrance, professor at the University of Kansas School of Law. We are close to “de-extinction” — reviving extinct creatures, he suggests.

While dinosaur fossils are too old and contain too little usable DNA, extinct creatures such as woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, passenger pigeons and even the iconic dodo could be revived in the near term. “A decade ago, a group of researchers in Spain successfully resurrected a bucardo, a recently extinct Iberian ibex. Sadly, the baby bucardo died hours after its birth due to lung complications,” Torrance said.

“However, this established that de-extinction via cloning is technically feasible. Over the ensuing ten years, advances in biological science have offered several new methods by which extinct organisms might be revived more easily and accurately.” Most prominent among these is a technique called CRISPR, or gene editing, which is capable of precisely altering the genetic sequence of living organisms’ genomes to transform their genomes into genomes matching extinct relatives.

The realities of de-extinction will be far more exciting than anything Hollywood can yet conceive, so society must be ready and able to ensure that such excitement is channeled in a positive direction.

Recklessly playing God with the planet 

While this is outside of genetic manipulation or merging man with machines, it points out how arrogant those in power and the “mad” scientists have become, the focus of a recent scientific panel, sponsored by the government, has called for more research on geoengineering. We’ve already seen enough of what they can do to recognize that such planetary devastation follows Satan’s plan for the destruction of anything created by God.

Geoengineering — that wild and grandiose idea that suggests we could offset and even reverse the alarming effects of global warming — has been viewed as an insane notion for decades. Surely we’d have to be truly desperate before we’d even consider deliberately fiddling with the planet on such a massive scale. But now, some experts think we’ve reached the point where we have no choice but to look into geoengineering.

Earlier this year, the National Research Council released two reports that called for more research on the idea. The first report examined ways we could remove some of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. At first glance, this might be plausible. But the second report looked at far more controversial methods, such as releasing reflective particles into the atmosphere to block sunlight and therefore cool the Earth.

The second report warned that at this time, these methods were risky and poorly understood. But I’d like to take this a step further: Both reports contain ideas that will never be practical and are actually more dangerous than the problem at hand. We will never understand the risks well enough to justify any of the outlandish schemes that these reports describe.

Cheaper Street Drugs and Weaponized GMOs

“An editorial in the May 18, 2015 edition of Nature calls for the regulation of GMO yeast that can be used to cheaply synthesize common opiates such as morphine and codeine…An enterprising Walter White could easily switch from meth production to opiate production, taking advantage of the lower cost and less dangerous production method to flood the streets with narcotics. This is just what America needs: Cheap and widely available opiates controlled by street gangs and biker gangs. A whole new chapter in the War on Drugs.

The fact that GMO morphine is now or will soon be within reach for even a home chemist leads us to a more troubling topic: The creation of GMOs that produce poisons such as ricin…Development of such materials will likely be within reach of both home-grown and international terrorists before long as genetic engineering technology continues advancing at a rapid pace. 

Finally, an enterprising terrorist organization could pursue weaponized GMO crops. This would involve creating GMO crops that produce toxins deadly to humans instead of bugs or that substitute a gene to manufacture anthrax exotoxin in place of the gene that prevents browning in Arctic® apples.

[I]t’s not infeasible to imagine a rogue state like North Korea tampering with farms in South Korea or Boko Haram contaminating Nigeria’s seed distribution system. Even if the actual crops were only partially successful at murder, the cost of disruptions to the food network could run into the 10s of billions of dollars. Massive testing and major recalls would need to be conducted to assure the safety of the food supply and restore public confidence.” (source)

Transhumanism/ Singularity/ High Tech

Exponential Finance: Ray Kurzweil Stresses Humanity’s ‘Moral Imperative’ in Developing Artificial Intelligence

At “Exponential Finance,” Ray Kurzweil stated, “We have a moral imperative to continue reaping the promise [of artificial intelligence] while we control the peril. I tend to be optimistic, but that doesn’t mean we should be lulled into a lack of concern.” The subject frequently returned to AI during the discussion.

Kurzweil’s hopeful yet cautious point of view on artificial intelligence stands in contrast to Elon Musk, who caused a stir last year when he tweeted, “Worth reading Superintelligence by Bostrom. We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes.” In Bostrom’s book, he proposes scenarios in which humans suffer an untimely end due to artificial intelligence simply trying to fulfill its goals.

Troubled by the attention this tweet attracted, Kurzweil wanted to set the record straight…”We have these emerging existential risks and we also have emerging, so far, effective ways of dealing with it…I think this concern will die down as we see more and more positive benefits of artificial intelligence and gain more confidence that we can control it.”

[Kurzweil] offered his long-held belief on what the future holds for humans and artificial intelligence: convergence. “We are going to directly merge with it, we are going to become the AIs,” he stated, adding, “We’ve always used our technology to extend our reach…That’s the nature of being human, to transcend our limitations, and there’s always been dangers.”

In his estimate, current exponential growth of computing will continue until human-level intelligence is achieved around 2029. Merging with artificial intelligence will then follow, sometime in the 2030s as humans will be “a hybrid of biological and nonbiological thinking,” wherein we connect our brains to the cloud to harness massive computational power. Beyond that? “As you get to the late 2030s or the 2040s, our thinking will be predominately nonbiological. The nonbiological part will ultimately be intelligent and have such vast capacity it’ll be able to model, simulate, and understand fully the biological part. We will be able to fully backup our brains.

Turning man into machine? Pentagon making huge biotechnological advances

A new office of Biological Technology at DARPA is attempting to make Kurzweil’s vision (and more) a reality.

Programmable microbes? Humans turning into cyborgs? People extending or even living beyond their life spans? These all sound like things you can see in a science-fiction movie, but the US Department of Defense is actually taking steps to turn these things into reality.

Since its foundation in July 2014, the Pentagon’s Biological Technology Office (BTO) has been making giant steps in engineering, information sciences and biotechnology to gain technological advantage, particularly in warfare…The Pentagon’s researches are looking at developing technologies that are previously unimaginable, such as robots and aircraft being controlled by the human mind, or human memories being downloaded into hard drives.

The relatively young office is also currently trying to combine the fields of biotechnology and neuroscience to try to minimize the effects of stress on the human body. Some groups, however, have expressed concern about the ethics of BTO’s current studies, fearing that these may lead to more conflicts in the future.

“Some of these technologies are absolutely fascinating and intriguing and hold all this promise for good, but they’re very close to being weaponised easily,” bioethicist Jonathan Moreno from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia said.