What Would Realistically Happen If The US Government Started Seizing All Privately Owned Assault Rifles?


A number of answers here address the consequences of the government going mad and using all available force to disarm the US public. While we can’t know exactly how this would play out, some of these scenarios are plausible. — especially since the American Revolutionary War was triggered by exactly such an action by the British army (Battles of Lexington and Concord).

It seems extremely unlikely that any President could amass enough support to (try to) pull anything like this off. If one tried anyway, a likely result is that he/she would simply be ignored at all levels of government (local, state and national).

The POTUS would be reduced to impotently yelling out of the windows of the White House. The Vice-President would then take over and the President has taken to a mental hospital for observation and treatment, being obviously incapacitated and incapable of performing his/her duties, (Richard Nixon’s advisers made plans for what to do if he went off the rails in the last few months of his administration). A lot of people in government actually take their oath to “Defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” seriously.

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After The Collapse—Part 7: What to Expect From The Government

But, suppose we have a President who is not mad and proceeds with gradual disarmament, slowly building up support with the usual political methods? (In other words, pretty much what we have today.) This is easy to answer since it is already happening and here are some of the most likely events if it goes further:

  • When people get wind of what is being planned, firearm sales skyrocket to unprecedented heights: (Americans have bought over 100 Million guns during Obama’s presidency), this makes the basic disarmament problem much harder.
  • People also start looking at ways to hide (some of) their guns — survivalist literature becomes suddenly more popular.
  • The confiscation by seizure would be preceded by a voluntary surrender of arms, sort of like forgiveness of fines at the library, except a bounty would be offered.People will be paid 150% of what they paid for their weapons or ammo, or else 150% of current market value. Doesn’t matter where the guns come from; owned, found, stolen, etc.

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  • This will all be accompanied by a huge PR campaign supporting the “right thing to do.” It will also highlight how much TAX-FREE money people stand to make. “Society will be safer, and YOU will be enriched.”
  • The voluntary program will be followed by search and seizure, accompanied by a fine. No compensation. Manpower will come from those who have turned in their weapons and who knows who else is holding out. They will be paid as bounty hunters.
  • There is a guarantee that, while many guns may be turned involuntarily, and others seized in searches, a HUGE number will also be hidden.
  • The legislation would be passed to reduce the economic impact of those whose income is based on sales and repair of guns. A nice gesture.
  • Local groups who strongly opposed the program, and declared their intent not to comply, would take refuge in various defended locations, and challenge the authorities to “do something” about it.Which the authorities would do. Some hold-outs will give up peacefully. Others will go down in a blaze of glory.
  • The military and most law enforcement would refuse to obey the unlawful order. Oddly, those people tend to take their oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, seriously. If the government persisted, mass defection would occur in short order. See next paragraph.

    Civilians (those who recognized the threat) would pick up every gun, bullet, and blade that wasn’t bolted down and prepare for an armed conflict that would make the Civil War look like a grade-school fistfight at recess. Former military and police officers would likely assume command and advisory roles to the nascent rebellion.

  • The Congress will pass a bill which makes possession of a firearm in the course of a crime a federal offense, subject to an automatic minimum 10-year sentence, with no appeal, separate from any other criminal prosecution, and in addition to any other jail time. A companion bill will authorize construction of new prison facilities to house the offenders.
  • There would be an initial upsurge in crimes committed by or at the behest of major crime organizations, who are possessed of sufficient resources to adopt other technologies, such as hidden remotely activated explosives for major jobs (bank robberies, etc.)
  • Sales of other forms of lethal weapons, such as small crossbows and bolts, lethal tasers and personal hand grenades will skyrocket. Other lethal technologies will be introduced to take up the slack.
  • The Department of the Interior (Natural Resources) will receive additional funding to control animal populations which will expand owing to the lack of population control by hunters. At the state level, acting under federal block grants, natural resource agencies will arm skilled shooters to control deer and other pests in organized hunts, paying a bounty for each animal killed.
  • There will be no decrease in “lone wolf” incidents, as the perpetrators will have already arranged to secure their firearms.
  • There will be no decrease in terrorist acts, as the perpetrators will likewise have arranged to secure their weapons.
  • After laws are passed, most people (and perhaps most local law enforcement as well) will simply ignore the law. Connecticut and New York citizens, by the thousands, have simply ignored the mandatory registration laws recently passed in those states. These states don’t begin to have enough law enforcement personnel to do anything about this, even if the officers obeyed. Compliance has been estimated at only 15%.

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Even in countries which don’t have the US’s strong traditions and legal protection for gun ownership, confiscation efforts have been less than successful. Australia’s mandatory “buyback” program was estimated, by the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia, to have had only a 19% compliance rate. Australia’s Gun ‘Buyback’ created a violent firearms black market. Why Should the U.S. Do the Same?.

The fact is that guns are easy to make — good ones are made by craftsmen using fairly primitive hand tools; a $6000 investment in tabletop machine tools would allow you to make good weapons in your garage or basement; in a few years a modest investment in 3D printing will make it trivially easy to make high-quality firearms.

Criminals will always have guns through the black market, if nowhere else. The only real effect of gun bans is to put the law-abiding public more at risk — both from criminals and from their own government.

Gun violence is a significant problem in the United States, more so than in any other civilized country: you can’t equivocate it away. Yet most of it does not happen in schools, is not performed with a sexy looking rifle, and isn’t in the news. If you want to lower gun violence, I highly suggest exploring the role of poverty and the war on drugs, instead of suggesting gun confiscations,  censorship, or turning the schools into a police state.

School shootings are a separate issue — probably with different causes — but while all the focus seems on guns (and justifiably so), I’d also strongly suggest looking into the role of SSRIs have played.

“When a government feels it’s responsibility is to take away the people’s right to defense, it becomes the people’s responsibility to take away the government’s right to govern” George Washington.

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  1. Badges are REDCOATS
    1. revenue generators.
    2. Civil Asset Forfeiture
    3. violating 2nd amendment while receiving, accepting and encouraging their own special status.
    4.throw americans out of homes via illegal foreclosures to PROFIT foreign entities.
    5. violate 4th amendment daily, everywhere. (stingray, etc)
    6. throw people in FOR PROFIT prisons for having a plant.
    7. have the HIGHEST rates of spousal abuse of any profession.
    8. are arrested EVERYWHERE for CORRUPTION DAILY>!!!

  2. Hate to mention it but ….. considering the cowardly way the American “MEN” all slithered into the NFL stadiums to watch “Their” National anthem get urinated on …… I don’t see them standing up much to lead and steel ….

  3. Hi all. Nice place and will be back.
    As to gun confiscation- never happen so quit worrying. Gun rights have made big strides in the last 10 years. Pompous trump sold out fast didn’t he?? Like the military who says you can kill or be killed but can’t take a drink. Apparently you can control your killing better than a good drunk night. How ignorant can people be?
    Now they want a kid to go kill at 18, but not own a gun till 21?? I mean it just gets more ignorant daily with a nation of cowards.
    With our climate melting down and facing exctintion by 2026, due to ABRUPT climate change by feedbacks such as methane eruptions, nitruss, co2, ozone gone by 2030 completely, it’s all a ruse to keep you running to and fro from one climax to another. You will all die soon by Mother Nature, she’s coming to get you regardless if you disarm or not.

    • Oh ya. Arcticnewscom geoengineeringwatch
      Paul beckwith guy McPherson Natilia sharkova carnicom institute – go investigate the BIG COVERUP

  4. “…The voluntary program will be followed by search and seizure, accompanied by a fine…..” This has already started in Commifornia:

    “These California agents are coming for your guns”

    “…The military and most law enforcement would refuse to obey the unlawful order….” This is laughable. Under obama the military was already training to confiscate guns. The National Guard did so in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and that was under President George W. Bush. The cops are about as unconstitutional as you can get by already confiscating guns in California, beating to death then acquitted citizens such as Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, CA, and stealing from those same citizens via civil asset forfeiture with an Attorney General Sessions who wants to further enhance civil asset forfeiture.

    There is only one solution: This is war when the government comes for the right that “shall not be infringed”. Neighbor protect neighbor and show as much mercy to the gun confiscators as they show you! Will the aforementioned happen? HELL NO!!! Because 99% of Americans have let our government slowly erode our Constitutional rights and the deep state bad guys are betting you will do nothing to stop their gun confiscation.

  5. Our gun ownership is what prevented Japan from launching a ground war in the continental US during WW2. They feared a gun behind every rock and tree which would have devastated their military. Also given the fact we have millions of military and police veterans aged 55+ that, due their age, believe they have nothing to lose by using armed resistance to defend the constitution for their grandchildren.
    Our police are trained to use overwhelming force to subdue armed assailants, I don’t see them doing a good job of gun grabbing against an organized large armed resitance. Why do you think Chicago is a free fire zone. Add to the mix a lot of vets have already been given the training and experience of killing another human courtesy of our government’s extended wars so they wouldn’t be hesitant to kill “the enemy” if forced into that scenario.

  6. Start a movement to have firearms owners refuse to register their weapons.
    Then we can work on all other registrations and licenses. All licensing and registration is an abhorrence to God.
    And, no… I am not being melodramatic. Only the brainwashed would suggest something like that.

  7. The “MILITARY” and “POLICE” are the ENEMY.
    They have ALL been TRAINED to KILL CIVILIANS since the late 70’s.
    NONE are “HEROS”.. MOST are ZEROS.
    Good Luck,
    E-7 Ret.

  8. The US has spent at least $7 TRILLION Dollars in Iraq. Yet we have FAILED to invest in the well needed $(10-30) BILLION to Harden/Protect our Power Grid against an Electro-Magnetic-Pulse/Space Weather/or Cyber Warfare. Combined with Obama’s massive Military cuts..I can’t help but ask why Russia & China can house about 1/2 of their population in bunkers for nuclear war vs less than 1% in the USA. The reason I bring all this up is written below. Keep in mind…this only applies during a ‘National Emergency’ or ‘Martial Law’ scenerio. It was written into law by the Obama administration on 3/16/2012…RE-AUTHORIZSS…**”SLAVERY”** [Note the term, ‘Without Compensation’]…AND STILL Applies under the Trump Admin. Here’s Obama’s, “Executive Order 13603 Sub-Section 502”

    Sec. 502. Consultants. The head of each agency otherwise delegated functions
    under this order is delegated the authority of the President under sections
    710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c), to employ persons
    of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ
    experts, consultants, or organizations. The authority delegated by this section
    may not be redelegated.

    After the power is cut long term (Grid Down)…It has been speculated in the past…The United Nations would use foreign troops [not domestic] to “help” the USA in a Martial Law setting…which ‘Really means…to overthrow & undermine the Trump administration via the deep state/Obama traitors. There are THOUSANDS of White Armored UN Vehicles in the US. I’ll list the proof below…keep in mind this video is a few years old…question being…WHERE did the Thousands of Military Vehicles go…More importantly…by who’s authority do they abide…Trump, Nikki Haley, Obama…or someone else?

    Heads Up! Thousands of Military Vehicles Lined Up Outside of Underground Bunkers in America (Originally from ‘Dahboo77 Channel on Youtube…but now listed under username: ‘autocollisionman’

  9. Yes, here’s a little secret. If it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL you don’t have to obey it. You have NO legal obligation too.

    In fact, if you DO, you have committed treason on yourself. Ignoring it as WE THE PEOPLE is your BEST OPTION.

    The MORONS have no power over you and you are following YOUR Constitution. CASE CLOSED!

  10. Here’s something you missed SurvivalDan. The Police were HIDING crimes committed by kids at these schools. According to some excellent research: “The Broward County School Board and District Superintendent entered into a political agreement with Broward County Law enforcement officials to stop arresting students for crimes. The motive was simple. The school system administrators wanted to ‘improve their statistics’ and gain state and federal grant money for improvements therein… At first, the police were only “excusing” misdemeanors, but soon they were also “excusing” felonies, including violent crimes like assault, armed robberies, and worse. You can obviously see how this would cause problems, but it’s worse than you think. Once the system seemed to be “working,” the district needed the police to continue lowering arrests year-over-year, which meant that the police were being forced to excuse ever more severe criminal acts…” – https://constitution.com/school-shooting-plot-exposed-wont-believe-set/

  11. Here’s something being overlooked. The Police were HIDING crimes committed by kids at these schools. According to some excellent research: “The Broward County School Board and District Superintendent entered into a political agreement with Broward County Law enforcement officials to stop arresting students for crimes. The motive was simple. The school system administrators wanted to ‘improve their statistics’ and gain state and federal grant money for improvements therein… At first, the police were only “excusing” misdemeanors, but soon they were also “excusing” felonies, including violent crimes like assault, armed robberies, and worse. You can obviously see how this would cause problems, but it’s worse than you think. Once the system seemed to be “working,” the district needed the police to continue lowering arrests year-over-year, which meant that the police were being forced to excuse ever more severe criminal acts…” – constitution.com/school-shooting-plot-exposed-wont-believe-set

  12. It is already happening. They pass laws stating the many reasons why the state can collect your guns. Now family, doctors, law enforcement, courts, etc., can declare you a potential danger, and someone who should not be around firearms. This article could be reason enough for them.

    Now they come for gun owners one at a time with overwhelming force. And before long all the guns are gone. It would only be a few years before they are almost all gone. We are on that slipery slope right now. If they pass the laws they are talking about, they will have the framework for taking most peoples guns. Case in point. Mental health. How many Americans have been prescribed SSRIs in their life? A whole lot. And now anyone who knows that can report it. Feeling blue? Better not let anyone know! Upset? Better not let anyone know!

    • Before long. Have debts, owe the IRS, multiple traffic violations, neighboors think you’re weird, a hermit, live remotely, off grid, etc. An anonymous report could even be all it takes.

  13. We live in a nation that has given women the right to vote and that has legalized gay marriage.
    Nothing is too evil or outlandish for this government.

  14. Yep… Civil War….

    And in the Midst of it all…. Russia and China BLOW HER AWAY….


    Jeremiah 50:27

    “Kill all her young bulls;
    let them go down to the slaughter!
    Woe to them! For their day has come,
    the time for them to be punished.”

    Jeremiah 50:30

    “Therefore, her young men will fall in the streets;
    all her soldiers will be silenced in that day,”
    declares the Lord.”

    Jeremiah 50:35-38

    “A sword against the Babylonians!”
    declares the Lord—
    “against those who live in Babylon
    and against her OFFICIALS (Politicians. Judges, Bureaucrats) and wise men (Computer/Scientists, Psychologists) !
    A sword against her false prophets!
    (Joel Osteen, Creflow Dollar, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Mike Murdoch)
    They will become fools.
    A sword against her warriors!
    They will be filled with terror.
    A sword against her horses and chariots
    and all the foreigners in her ranks!
    They will become LIKE WOMEN.
    A sword against her treasures!
    They will be plundered.
    A drought on her waters!
    They will dry up.
    For it is a land of idols,
    idols that will go mad with terror.”

    Jeremiah 51:3

    “Let not the archer string his bow,
    nor let him put on his armor.
    Do not spare her young men;
    completely destroy her army.”


  15. You forgot the tremendous upsurge in “motiveless” murders as thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of Americans decide they aren’t waiting around for an organized resistance to get rolling and go after whatever local leftist garbage has irritated them the most recently.

  16. I don’t know for sure, but I can bet that 99% of those owning AR 15’s, do not own assault rifles. The only ones that can own assault rifles are those that are licensed to own fully automatic weapons. It is sad how many of the general public swallow whatever they are told, and think that AR stands for ‘Assault Rifle”, when it means Armalite, the manufacturer of the first of this style of hunting/sport rifle. The MSM uses this label to their advantage, to demonize the weapon, when we should be focusing on the real cause, a change in culture. We need to look at the drugs that are in use and prescribed today, that were not available 30 years ago, when such shootings were almost unheard of, and ask the question, could this have anything to do with why kids are wigging out nowadays and going on mass killing sprees?

  17. I would pay NO attention to a treasonous order. And those that and obey means a CIVIL WAR is at hand. Now, there are some in government who desire that. After the Civil War you will be HANGED by the neck till dead.

    Your bodies will be taken down at sunset, if that comforts you to know.

  18. Looks like the civil war will start right here in Florida,I always thought it would due to all the New Yorkers moving down here.With the Cubans and the Rednecks I think the crooked so called leaders will have their dirty hands full after what they just pulled.