Overcoming the Greatest Prepper Weakness: The Individual versus the Community and a Plan for the Future


One of the greatest assets to preppers is that they are self-reliant and able to independently operate.  However, it is also their greatest vulnerability.  No matter how tough, how well-trained, how well armed, or how well prepared an individual is, there is only so much one person can do.  Numbers matter.  As an individual, you must eventually sleep and can’t stand guard indefinitely.  You can only be at one place at one time.  A second set of hands on nearly any labor intensive task is better than one.  If sick or injured it is very difficult or impossible to provide prolonged self-aid or surgery.  If directly confronted by an organized and numerically superior force, the odds are decidedly against the individual.

You can only accurately fire one weapon, at one target, at one time.  Further, your best odds of survival if attacked by superior numbers would be to try and escape, but even then it is pretty easy for a larger number of pursuers to head you off and corner even the craftiest of evaders.  As such, for any realistic, long term survival plan, one must build a prepared community.  A community is the foundational bedrock of a society and a nation.  The community is where the individual can truly make a difference and build a better life.  Today’s article is my appeal to you to take action to improve your life, to create new and better communities, and to take back our nation.

I will provide each of you with the template to not just resist, but triumph.  Each one of us has the ability to change the status quo in the present day and no longer be at the mercy of the state, which at one time, represented us as citizens.  Make no mistake, survival is a long term struggle against both nature and tyranny that comes with sacrifice, but we can overcome the odds best through collective action.

Man is neither designed nor equipped to be a solitary animal.  Individually we are weak and vulnerable and would have long ago become easy prey and gone extinct if it wasn’t for banning together.  Since the earliest prehistoric times, man has grouped together in bands and tribes to survive.  Modern man is no exception as we live today more interconnected than ever.  This interdependency has allowed us to specialize, to survive, and to even have leisure.  Man was designed with neither the long claws and fangs of apex predators nor the acute hearing and swift speed of prey.

We don’t come with fur to protect us from temperature extremes and have long since lost our immunities to many parasites commonly found in food and water.  Man’s greatest asset, his mind, combined with strength in numbers has demonstrated that he can overcome nearly any extreme and challenge.  This maxim is as crucial for survival today as it was ten thousand years ago when small bands of Ice Age hunters and gathers grouped together to fend off ferocious predators and take down massive game.

When you want the best for your family’s survival you can’t just assume or hope for things to happen, you need to take action and make the right choices. I am linking one of those right choices in the below paragraph. (I strongly recommend it)

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Communities and villages sprang to existence out of the mutual need for security and distribution of labor.  Someone always needed to tend to the fire and be on the watch for predators so that others could safely sleep.  While some hunted the others cooked and farmed.  In modern times, these families became bands, then tribes, and then nations.  As nations grew, man’s greatest threat ceased to be lions and tigers, but his fellow man.

Nation state violence led to the need to collectively organize in even greater numbers or risk being numerically overwhelmed by a neighboring nation.  Internally, the rise of nations led to the rise of brutal tyrants and the further need organize the masses in resistance in order to escape slavery and death at the hands of the king’s mercenaries.

Today, the modern prepper faces all of these challenges.  At the most local level, the prepper must find a way to accomplish the daily tasks of a subsistence existence.  The chores of simply acquiring and preparing food and water, staying warm or cool, maintaining shelter, and creating or fixing the means to accomplish the former are enough to rapidly overwhelm anyone.  However, the prepper must also provide for his common security against potentially large bands of hostile people and what appears to be an increasingly hostile government.  Individually, or at least as a family, it is certainly possible to scratch out a subsistence level of existence as long as you are never confronted by a hostile group.  However, it is simply not realistic to believe that one could independently sustain for the long term when faced with hungry bands of violent, armed, thugs or a hostile, state sponsored tyranny.

As previously stated, I don’t care how prepared you “think” you are; if you are trying to subsist with just a handful of people, an organized group of basically trained thugs with a proclivity for violence will quickly overwhelm you and certainly seize whatever preps you have stored.  This is not a situation of maybe, but an absolute.  The preppers that fail to learn and internalize this are living in a fantasy world.  Preppers that ardently stick to their small groups in remote and isolated areas only delay the inevitable.

This paradigm may be best illustrated by how law enforcement represents a small percentage of the population, but effectively controls the masses by being able to quickly mass and achieve local (tactical) numerical superiority against any resistance.  Individually, there have been literally millions of people arrested that were tough, prepared, and well-armed, but I can’t think of any in recent memory that have successfully fought off a determined attempt at seizure by the police.

Sadly, government has never proven capable of leaving individuals alone and hungry mobs have never shown the proclivity to take the moral high road and starve when the option to loot for food existed.  Eventually, preppers that failed to organize BEFORE a collapse or crisis and build communities will each be independently identified, targeted, and wiped out by thugs or hostile government forces.

The solution to this is not a new one.  It is as old as mankind.  Like minded individuals will once again need to band together to collectively survive.  This is and will be an essential, critical, FACT that preppers must accept.  Preppers need not build communes or cede their independence, but do need to build communities.  These communities need to be aware, prepared, and organized in a manner that they are effectively self-sustaining and self-governing.  It is equally essential to also build the population numbers in a concentrated manner that will change the voting demographic so that elected representatives will not only properly represent, but be of the same mindset of their constituents.

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We have seen some of these successes in Montana and Idaho, but are failing to coalesce in an organized manner nationwide.  Only by achieving, at minimum, at first, tactical numerical superiority in targeted regions will free, independent, liberty minded individuals be able to live a life of freedom with liberty in something more than their imagination.

Communities built around self-sustainment are by their very nature resilient to natural disasters, grid failures, and crime.  By locally producing food, water, and power a community can almost completely eliminate the major vulnerabilities of today’s societies.  The society is healthier, happier, and more connected.  By once again localizing industry, the community can build, fabricate, or repair nearly anything and have a vibrant localized economy.  Further, by having a large pool of like-minded citizens, the community can fend off both political and physical attacks.  One threat can be defeated through the ballot box and the other through tactical numerical “superiority.”  To illustrate this point, 100 groups of eight preppers could disperse across the 50 states (two groups to a state).  These small groups have zero political influence or protection and could be rounded up and wiped out in a single night by either hostile thugs or government forces operating in groups so small local law enforcement could field them.  However, if you combined these groups in one area, you would have the local tactical strength of upwards of 800 people.  This is a sufficient number to not just swing, but control elections in smaller districts, install a like-minded sheriff and deputies, and present a unified defense requiring at least a battalion of military regulars to engage with any chance of success.  Imagine getting back to a time and place where instead of fearing police, the local police actually acted to “defend” the locals and keep the peace with the full weight of the people and the law behind it.  Imagine a place where you could walk down the street and not be filmed, photographed, tracked, and fined for violating one of a seemingly infinite number of overbearing regulations.  Now consider the literally millions of like-minded “preppers” that exist in the cities, towns, and the rural expanses of America.  If the media is to be believed, tens of millions of these people are already organized under the nebulous title “Tea Party.”  By concentrating these numbers we not only make being prepared and living free mainstream, but the lifestyle sells itself.  Don’t waste your strength and try to fight the numbers in states like California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York.  Let those states wallow in their own filth, debt, and ever increasing taxes.  Instead, take charge and opt out of them.  Stop paying into those defunct systems and move away.  Concentrate in places where we can control the elections, the schools, the local law enforcement, and ultimately empower our way of life.  To use the cliché, “if we build it, people will come” is justified.  As we set ourselves apart and demonstrate a workable better life, more and more people will turn away from their current unsustainable, rat race existences and seek something better for themselves and their families.  People want this and are thirsty for leadership, but to date, few have stepped up.  If we lead, the masses will follow.

The model outlined above is feasible, suitable, and something that could be quickly accomplished in the near term.  Much debate surrounds the “optimum” prepper retreat location, but it is unnecessary because few states truly fit the bill.  Further, most of the debate is academic because true survival will not come from hiding and hoping tyranny will overlook you.  Instead, we must recognize “prepping” is not just an action but a way of life that must be protected and nurtured.  To truly survive, we must come to terms with reality and engage in an effective course of action with a chance of long term success.  We must change the debate and public perception of preppers.  We need to show the public we are absolutely no threat, peaceful, and reframe ourselves as a persecuted minority requiring protection, much like the Amish or Mennonites.  To effect this we must concentrate our numbers in specific localities.  The best prepper locations to concentrate at first will be areas of low population density, but ample natural resources.  Further, it is only reasonable to first target locations within states that predominately tend to support freedom, liberty, and independence or in short, support a prepared lifestyle and are not burdensome with respect to taxes and regulation.  This means that an ideal state probably will not have a large, left wing, urban center like New York City, Philadelphia, or San Francisco that disproportionately biases the elections.  That immediately rules out states such as California, Massachusetts, Maryland, and New York.  You would also want to avoid locations with staggering debt or other lingering problems that would be materially detrimental to building new communities.

Out west, states such as Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, and Wyoming offer the best options to concentrate.  Idaho has long been recognized as an ideal redoubt and is already demonstrating that this model works.  Not only have local and state leaders been elected, but representatives at the federal level have been elected and are now insulating Idaho from many of the problems facing the rest of the nation.  In fact, businesses are also moving to Idaho.  Gun and ammunition manufacturers in particular have found Idaho a great place to set up business.

In the east, West Virginia may well be on its way to becoming the prepper redoubt of choice.  West Virginia’s topography is well suited to the defense and has a very low population density.  There are entire areas of West Virginia that have zero electronic emissions.  The federal government has also recognized West Virginia’s suitability for surviving an apocalypse and has built various “hollow mountains” throughout the state.  Unlike many other potential redoubts, West Virginia is a realistic location to bug out to from most areas along the East Coast and is not prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or large earthquakes.  It is also well protected from potential nuclear blasts and is not seen as a high value target for terrorists.  Further, West Virginia really doesn’t have any major metropolitan areas that will spill millions of refugees into the surrounding hinterlands.  The climate is very suitable for growing a variety of crops and the state is rich in natural resources that range from salt and coal to timber and natural gas.  West Virginia tends to not be heavy on regulation and the people are generally conservative minded and live already as semi-preppers.  West Virginia also has the potential to be a leader in alternate energy.  It has endless ridgelines for wind and solar power as well as many streams and rivers suitable for various scale hydroelectric systems.

West Virginia is an outdoorsman’s paradise, yet is still located close enough to eastern population centers that it will have increasing influence.  Given the low population density and the affordability of homes and property in West Virginia, it would be relatively easy for preppers in the mid-Atlantic to relocate and take up residence in a few targeted counties such as Hampshire, Hardy, Mineral, and Grant counties in the eastern panhandle.  By concentrating in these counties and gaining a strong percentage of the voting block, like minded preppers could essentially establish a food hold in the heart of the mid-Atlantic and establish their own model community.

Note that it is not necessary to even gain a voting “majority” in these counties because the influence of a well-organized and active electorate will be more than sufficient to sway, skew, and control any local election.  Further, voter turnout; especially at the local level and during primaries, tends to be extremely low so it would be possible to not only oust incumbents on tickets, but stack the local and state governments with our candidates.  From those initial gains, we could fundamentally change how local and then state governments operate in the near term and demonstrate a better way of living to the nation.  Ultimately, we will fundamentally change the thinking nationwide and to this end, achieve our goals of independence, liberty, and sustainable living.

I challenge each of you today to disseminate this message as widely as possible, to as many people as possible.  Sow the seeds of liberty and freedom again in people’s minds.  Let them know that they don’t have to accept the status quo and can change their situation now.  There are no longer empty frontiers to escape to and waiting till the SHTF will be too late.  We must pick our ground wisely now so that we can stand our ground later.  By doing something as simple as moving your state of residence (even if that doesn’t mean you physically move) so that you can (and must) vote in Idaho or West Virginia, we absolutely can improve our lives and the lives of others.  Follow my lead and begin the process of stacking the deck in these two states where as little as a hundred votes can control the officials elected at the local and state level.  Idaho and West Virginia are not the end, but the beginning.  From these two localities we can expand our communities to the surrounding regions and states, but we have to begin somewhere and we have to begin now. You can start by watching the below video and learn from one of the best preppers out there.


  1. Do not agree with you on this one! people are a pain in the ass. If you have a family that knows how to physically do all things, through knowledge, training and preparation you do not need anyone else! We have 4 people that is our family. We each have extensive martial arts training, weapons training and even explosive training. We have been mountain climbing, hang-gliding, parachuting, back packing and we have a surgical nurse and nuclear technician. I have been a professional marksman and a range master. If you come against my family you should pray for a quick death. We fear no one but God!

    • Just out of curiosity, given what’s going on in today’s world, what do you think about this video?

      Could this be our future ? ” A time travelers email”

  2. I agree with Red Coats. In an ideal world this would be possible. But people are anything but ideal. This country is going to hell without even a handbasket. The very ones that you think are safe will be the ones to turn on you. Why fatten the hand of the one to end your life? We will protect our own.

  3. Our plan for a SHTF scenario is to keep it in the family at first, then grow in numbers slowly. We already have a core group of people (most of us are veterans) that have a planned meeting point for us and our families with all the needed resources. We all hang out and grain together, and talk on a daily basis. Strength is in numbers. With a family of 4 you simply can not have more than 2 proofs standing watch at night, meaning you have to be close to those sleeping. A larger group or gang could easily surround a small group and take them out before they knew what happened. Just food for thought.

  4. Soooo …..800 people …. on 20 acres? would be a formidable force if properly fortified …but if it was say an average family of four, each on forty acres, would be 8000 acres if they were adjoining? Not defensible! a well placed match in Idaho would remove the better part? At what point is there …..to many people? 800, 8000, 8 million?
    I am not saying your wrong as there should be a long term goal. Its my belief that …..we don’t put all our eggs in one basket ….that there should be groups as you say and there needs to be the single or small group preppers also. What we truly desire is to pass on our passion of freedom …for all!

  5. 90% of the people trying to survive WON’T,they’ve made a fatal error,THEIR own government has sold them OUT,from the top to the bottom,YOU’LL never convince them of it either,the entire country has been brainwashed to the point,THEY HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF THE NATURE OF EVIL,thats about to come on them,when the WAR is over ,maybe a few hundred will have survived,IN THE ENTIRE USA,the US AIR FORCE plans to spray the entire country with some of the most ungodly VIRUS anyone never heard of, they kill in days,EVERYTHING all wildlife,bugs,birds,fish,nothing in the wild will survive it,these filthy scum will kill the whole planet ,rather then lose the war…THATS THEIR MIND SET…how do you deal with EXTREME EVIL,and the real survivors will have to understand this or die,they’ll have to hunt down these bastards and kill every one,and let none escape,THEY WON’T stop till they quite breathing….

    • You’re dead on Arizona…
      While on the one hand, everyone here has valid points and if all things were equal, both bigger communities and lone wolfs would all likely survive – depending on things…. no one idea or objective is bullet proof….
      Nevertheless, Arizona nailed it… Even Christ said that “unless I return and cut short those days, no flesh would be left alive…” – and we all thought Noah’s flood was extreme – we haven’t seen anything yet! Hell’s coming folks… make peace with your ‘Maker’

  6. P4
    This subject is basically one massive research project in regards to what to do and so on as of the result of the magnitude of this subject that’s so great everyone, including those at the top will have their hands full on this one. It looks like none of us will come out of this the same way we are now if such a scenario were to really happen.

    By the way events are going on in recent times especially, gives me the feeling that I can’t shake off that at some point not too long from now that something(s) really bad will happen that will put us all to the test (hopefully this feeling is wrong).

    I think what’s the main issue why those who can get ready for unthinkable events don’t is that the current way of living has become to ingrained in the minds of too many people that have been psychologically “trained” (I don’t think intentional, hopefully) to take everyone and everything for granted even taking the wrong advice and trust in those that they really shouldn’t so much so that the throw-away consumer lifestyle has become too much of apart of the culture where that moving away from it would even be a sign of disrespect to others. And while those who either breakthrough that mindset, or see that mindset is very dangerous in the long run, also inadvertently end up stuck being the ones to figure out what to do to keep our species, and other lifeforms going after the current modern world that we grew up in collapses. Also it doesn’t help that many others want to change their lives, but due to the way the system works in their current situation, they can’t just go off the grid in an instant (it will take a lot of time, in which they don’t have much of by the way events are going).

    I think people in general mean to mean well, but they haven’t fully understood the workings of reality (which who really has we’re still learning) as a result of not growing up with hearing other views/perspectives of our world and reality in general, so naturally, it’s common that after a certain point in one’s lifetime, their brains are wired to preceve reality in a certain way(s), not to mention who’s perfect on top of that. It’s really easy not to “get it” than it is to get reality.

    By all of these “prepper”, survivalist, financial collapse, etc videos and articles that a range of diverse people have put out there (by the way things are going), by itself says that there’s a fair to likely chance that the worst will most likely happen. There’s far too many of these type of videos, articles, etc for there not to be something going on at this point. Although I don’t believe life got to this point, in reality, it doesn’t mean that what I don’t believe isn’t what’s going on.

    I guess what can be further added to this is that for those who still doubt WW3 can ever happen, they must be aware that in our history technically, we already had 2 world wars, so technically, we’re only just another world war away from a 3rd world war this whole entire time. And that technically, there’s more than enough nukes, etc to make a worst case extinction scenario possible and with such great devastation to collapse our modern world. And that technically since it can happen, then technically we should do all that’s in our power to prevent it from ever happening, and if we can’t prevent it from happening, then that also means technically, we should do all that’s in our power to prepare for it as well as prepare for the aftermath, since not only most of our species population would be wiped-out, many other species would be too, and even be extinct because of WW3, which would further mess up/destroy the food web/food chain, which would mean that certain if not many lifeforms would have to be brought back from extinction by cloning after the nuclear fallout, etc gets cleaned up, which if this is still an available option after such a worst case WW3 scenario… To further add, how much of us really know/remember what went on during WW1 – WW2, and the warning signs that lead up to both of those world wars? As an expression goes (not in it’s exact words) to forget is to repeat. This time around though we can’t afford a repeat. With that being said, It can already be said that we’re currently living in WW3. WW3 shouldn’t be allowed to continue, since this is a really horrible track record to have happen, if WW3 really hits the fan, amongst other things.

    Also, for those that still doubt an economic collapse can ever happen, don’t forget the 2008 great recession that wasn’t at first even called a great recession until some time after the fact that caught almost everyone by complete surprise. There’s a documentary that also aired long after the fact named “Madoff” Staring Richard Dreyfus (aired on ABC7) that not only showed just how fragile our economic system was and is, that documentary also showed just how close we were to a full blown economic collapse all the way back in 2008. We got real lucky back then, unfortunetly the lessons then wasn’t learned from, and that we’re currently at a great risk of learning those lessons the hard way. If someone were to tell people from the year 2000 what events are going to take place between 2000 – 2017, obviously people back then (except maybe a very select few) would had believed. That someone that tells people about what would end-up happening would had been laughed out of the room. With that being said, now imagine what the next decade and beyond could look like.