SELCO: Types Of Real Survivalists —The Slaves And Servants Were The Most Common


In the following article, Selco of SHTF School delves even further, detailing real-life scenarios, training tactics and other key information that will undoubtedly help save your life should the streets of America turn into a war zone. Pay attention because this no idealized collapse scenario – it’s reality. Selco is from the Balkan region, where from 92 to 95 the Bosnian War destroyed everything and for 1 whole year he lived and survived in a city without electricity, fuel, running water, real food distribution, or distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government.

Drug dealers, prostitutes, thieves, addicts, homeless, family people, believers… good people, bad people… we like to call people names in order to judge them and live our life easier.

Most of the time we judge them so easily and form our opinion about them „as we go“ without too many thoughts. It is easier like that. We see people doing something and think they do it because of how they are. We often do not consider all the things that make them do what they do.

We see something, give that a name and that’s it. Sometimes there is much more to what we actually can see. Someone who is bad might just have had circumstances in life and being like that is the only thing that made sense for that person. Yes, their whole way of thinking might be “wrong” or he might not act badly because he is a bad person, but because their kids are dying. People simply judge too fast.

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Not to mention that when SHTF it is dangerous to call people and sort them on the easy and fast way, it can lead us to form the wrong opinion, which can lead to a lot of bad things. I learned to not judge people right away. A future friend might behave terribly the first time and a future enemy might be very nice to you.

I had to say this before continuing with this article.

You will encounter slaves or servants in a long-term survival situation and even if they go on a very different path from a brave fighter… they are real survivalists and just make things work.

Many lone fighters died and many servants suffered but survived. Yes, it’s not like in a movie.

A Lady who was my colleague before SHTF lived with her husband and two kids, she was in her 30ies, very nice and easy person to work with. She was my friend and we shared a lot of the great moments at the job. I never see or heard anything bad about her. I knew her husband, I knew her kids…

When SHTF I lost contact with her in all that chaos, and to be honest I completely forget about her, I had a lot more important things to worry about.

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A few months later, on my trip that almost killed me out of town over the mountains to obtain some stuff that we needed I had the opportunity to meet her again.

We already passed the most dangerous parts of the trip, mines, mountains, woods and no man’s land and arrived into a small part of a territory controlled by one of the numerous militias, loosely tied to bigger (again numerous) fractions.

These guys did not give us any problems, other than a very short checking about who we are and where we are going.

We already paid for the passage to „guy who knows a guy“ so everything went smooth. We made a short rest in one of the shacks and drink hot „tea“. The actually exact description would be „hot dirty melted snow, with added alcohol“.

Then I saw her, my ex-colleague.

If I learned anything since SHTF that was fact that you need to hide your feelings and body language until you figure out what is actually really going on.

So I did not say anything to her, and I acted like I do not know her, even if I wanted very hard to jump, hug her and ask about anything, about her, her family etc.

She put some rice on the table, and more alcohol in front of one of the group members. She was one woman in a group of 30 plus men, who were armed, wasted and pretty dangerous. Most of them did not know too much about literature but they did know enough about violence.

She did not look like a prisoner, and also she did not look scared or beaten. She also did not or did not want to recognize me.

Anyway about a half hour later one of the men from the group told me I can have her, for a price, explaining to me that „she is the property of the leader, but also if anybody is willing to pay she can belong to anyone for half hour“.

Now if you saw that in a movie, probably you would expect from me to shoot all of them and save her, so we can ride into the sunset.

But it was not a movie, and I could get maybe three of them down before someone blows my head and takes my boots and rifle. And even if I could save her she would probably tell me that she does not want to be saved.

We went through that piece of land without any problems, and I did not see her again, ever. And no, I did not pay the price and bought her for half hour, and I did not try to start a conversation with her.

Later I found out the whole story.

When SHTF people did a lot of different things in order to survive. She became a mistress for one of that small group, the leader, and also prostitute for that group.

She was not a prisoner, well not obvious, but you also need to understand that if she left that group she and her family would lose protection and a steady income of goods. And her kids needed to eat something.

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I do not know what her husband think about all that (he was a bit of weak guy before SHTF), but rumors were that he agreed with that, in order to survive everything. So it lasted like that for months. And they survived. So is that good or bad? It’s nothing. It’s survival. Blame her husband? No.. because they survived. If he would have become a fighter he might have died and with him his family.

This does not mean people should let their wifes become prostitutes (there were male prostitutes too by the way). Everyone makes his own decisions and later you always know better. Again here comes in not judging.

Of course, when peace and normal life came they just could not stand to live here, not after what happened. So they choose to emigrate. As I heard they are living somewhere in South America under different names.

Here is some more background to that.

Prostitution here in Bosnia was something different than in other countries, and before SHTF you should be a member of very rich and higher class of society or higher ranks of the political elite to be able to get into the contact with one. It was illegal and also it was traditionally very „wrong“.

So, prostitution was rare. To be known prostitute was rare. To have a normal family woman and she would become a prostitute was unbelievable and almost impossible.

When the SHTF lots of things changed. There were prostitutes all around, not to mention women who were held as some kind of half slaves. Their position was not always the same, and some of them were not more than slaves, some other ones were almost as powerful as the gang leaders who they belonged to. There were also men who were just mascots or servants for more powerful people but overall this was the more common way for a woman to survive.

Not all woman were prostitutes of course, just like men they all choose how to survive, some were prostitutes, other were more dangerous with a rifle than a lot of men. But most of them choose just to stay home with the family and do care about kids. It was not something like – they need to do that – they did what they did best and what was needed, just like most of the folks in that period…

That woman I spoke about was much closer to an equal gang member than a slave. They did not force her to prostitution, actually, she belonged to the group leader, but also she would sell herself for goods, some of those goods she keeps for herself and family and some have gone to members of the gang. It was her “trade”. When other men risked their life she overcome her dignity (not sure if that is the right word) and did that.

She had protection and food, also her family home had some kind of protection from that group and also food and other things.

She was there mainly for the fun of the group leader, sometimes other members and customers when she wanted.

They survived, we can now judge them and talk what every one of us could do in their situation but we should not. This is could also be a lesson for normal times.

I work in emergency service (for a long time) and see daily people living at borders of normal society or even far from that borders in a different, very dark and nasty world.

It’s not that all of them are bad, but sometimes, in life, you have to do whatever it takes even if it makes sense only for you at that moment. It is not an excuse but it helps to remember that when your existence is under threat you might do very different things too.

I’m sure only very few (maybe sexually very open people) really plan on going that way when SHTF.

Remember, no planning and preparing while the weather is calm, will have serious consequences when the storm will unleash. Most of the people fail to see the ”big picture”, they are ”sleeping’comfortably and when the world as they know it will end, (and it will end sooner rather than later) if they are lucky enough will end up as slaves or servants.

What role do you see yourself in? What role do you plan for?

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  1. Something left out of Selko’s commentary is the fact that he was in a region controlled by islam. In islam, slavery and violence is commonplace and is part and parcel of the quran, the war just made it much easier/more justified to obtain slaves and commit violence.

    Not to excuse the Serbs for any atrocities, but the muslims were guilty of atrocities too and likely started the war. You might get what you ask for.

    My point is that with, for example, a large “modern” city like Sarajevo with every amenity any large city in the west has, the difference during shtf between Sarajevo and say NYC is Sarajevo was predestined to become an abattoir by its inhabitants being muslim. Their book tells them slavery and murder is condoned by their deity via his prophet. Look at what isis is doing around the world. The justifications isis employs come from the same book.

    In a NYC shtf situation certainly atrocities will occur, but not to the degree or for the same reasons as in Sarajevo. That is, unless NYC has a large muslim population.

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