The Game Will End Quite Suddenly – All That Will Be Left is the Real Wealth That You Have in Your Friends, Skills, and Assets


Paper is poverty, and merely the ghost of money.
Thomas Jefferson

The majority of Americans and citizens of the world for that matter have no concept of what money is or how it actually works. For most, money, whether in a paper roll or represented by digits on their computer screen, means wealth.

That the very issuance of money is the creation of debt is simply not something most people can understand, or want to. For if they did, their entire worldview would necessarily change.

Let me explain the difference between modern money, wealth, and real assets:

The men that own this world know that in order to maintain control they must keep all the wealth to themselves, and have us chase after illusions of wealth.

This process has taken nearly a century to detach humanity from understanding what real wealth is.

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Today there are very few that have ever even held a gold coin, much less owned one. Many of the objects that they have are merely consumer products that are almost worthless the day that they buy them.

The criminal elite first replaced the real wealth of gold and silver, with paper receipts for them in the form of gold and silver certificates. They then removed the claim of the real wealth by creating fiat paper backed by legal tender laws and the threat of violence.

We know right off the bat that if someone has to threaten you to use it, it’s probably something you wouldn’t do willingly.

Now our money has become so detached from reality that most never even touch the paper claims on wealth that does not even exist.

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At the end of all these schemes, there will come a time where it is no longer profitable to maintain the illusion of wealth, and the game will end quite suddenly.

It will send shock waves through every aspect of our lives and nothing will ever be the same again.

All that will be left is the real wealth that you have in your friends, skills, and assets.

When the paper currency schemes of elite bankers come crashing down like they did this month in Cyprus or last month in Argentina, you’ll be positioned to thrive in a society that will be in a state of hopeless panic, as everything they believed to be reality is exposed for the illusion that it is.

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Our birthright has been sold for a hand full of magic beans that will turn out to be rancid leftovers from someone’s failed business adventures. The wealth this nation has amassed over the decades will rapidly dwindling and will suddenly disappear in its entirety as the nation sleeps one night in the near future. The masses will awake one morning in a strange new land that holds no future for them or their children. They will be dumbstruck as to how they got there. The warnings will have been dismissed as an insane talk by delusional people that don’t conform to societies norms.

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It will be these few delusional, insane people that will determine the future of the once great nation. They will be the only ones that understand the dangers and are prepared to deal with the deadly winter weather. When the snow piles up they will have supplies and heat. When the wolves appear at the door they will have the weapons to fight them off. When the winds blow away the shelters of society the few will be safe in their structures reinforced to handle the tempest.

Those that deny the coming weather will be laid naked before it and will pay the price. No amount of facts or pleading will change the mind of most of these grasshoppers until it is too late.

It’s time to prepare for an environment where money as we have been taught to understand it no longer exists. Position yourself now with post-collapse skills and assets that retain real value when the system goes belly-up.

Once they ‘tax’ your personal deposit or close your bank for a ‘holiday’ it’ll be too late.

The ‘event’ will come suddenly when no one expects it.

There are three lessons that many people will learn when will happen. If you do not have it already you may not be able to get it. If you do not have it physically in your hands you do not own it. If you cannot protect it you will not have it for long.

Have a really lovely Easter Sunday!



  1. John Maynard Keyenes was a sodomite. Thus, already a delusional hateful man. Yet, they listened to his economic policies.