SELCO: When The Real SHTF There Will Be No Democrats, Republicans, Political Options, Right Or Wrong, Left Or Right


Our friend Selco at SHTF School will change everything you may think about your life in a post-collapse world. For many of us, the idea that the world around us may fall apart and lead to the worst that humanity has to offer is mostly theoretical. For Selco, it was a reality. He experienced a total grid-down collapse in war-torn Sarajevo during the 1990’s – and he lived to tell the tale. He has shared his knowledge with our community over the last few years, and in the article below he changes our perceptions once again. Just because we are making preparations – stocking food, or supplies or guns – means nothing if the mind is not prepared to comprehend the absolute horrors that may come.

Do you want to know what it will be like when law and order break down, when people turn on each other, and when there is no one to depend on except for those in your inner circle?

Then keep reading.

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If I was in America, I would….?

And then one day, finally, real democracy came!

We were feeling that after a long time of the same old politicians who cared only for themselves or their own circles and families, suddenly there is a man (or people) who will bring something new for us, pride, strength, wealth or whatever.

Media was full of high hopes and praising, in order to bring new world for us, jobs, security and what not.

New factories are promised, new liberties, patriotism and love for the country exploded.

Something beautiful was expected. We felt like it is the dawn of new era…..

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What a bunch of f***ing idiots we were.

Then the polarization started. At the beginning, it was something like “there are people FOR and there are folks AGAINST it” whatever that “IT” was.

Pretty soon we were “thrown” into a situation where you have two families, they are neighbors, friends for years, decades even, but over the political reasons they started to see each other with kinda ‘bad blood’.

 And then one morning, the SHTF, and I found myself standing in my backyard like an idiot, still trying to find out what happened with great words of the new era and a better life…?

People were shot dead on the street for fun or wrong words, fire trucks were driven by stoned teenagers in weird uniforms, police cars burning, men with assault rifles walking on the street in cowboy boots and metal band T-shirt acting like self proclaimed government forces, every group who had more then 15 guys and 5 rifles was self-proclaimed police force doing whatever they want to do…

A whole bunch of people who had dreams of times where and when they can do whatever they want to emerge.

I forget together with a bunch of other people high hopes and big words, all that was left is pure survival, day by day.




I got mail from one of my readers (thank you Mike!), and I really liked it. Mike and I share some opinions at the exact same time, I will cite his message here:

“My nation, America, is being abruptly dragged out of a deep and prolonged state of subconscious anxiety and depression. It is being assaulted with hope and this is beginning to produce a state of relief which will be managed into uncritical nationalism if at all possible. This euphoric state of national mind is the perfect cover from which to ambush a nation. The pressing for a one world government did not die under Trump, it simply got a new face. The danger to America and to the other nations of the world are more real now than ever. Extreme sobriety is warranted at this time. Most people I have spoken with cannot see this. They need to. Perhaps you could bring this to attention. Mike”

Yes, America is being “attacked” with hope, changes, trust in better life, new jobs, pride.

At the same time, the media is on the run of making a “demon” out of people or political options, and polarization is there.

It all looks (sadly) VERY familiar to me.

It is looking so familiar to me that I have to say  I am afraid for the near future of Americans.

The stage there is “perfect” for violent changes and SHTF.

Stay sober, operate in your small circle, you will appreciate that effort when SHTF.

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Low-Cost Root Cellar/Bunker

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What Can You Do?


In terms of “big picture”, you cannot do anything. It is like that, if big players are set to make the s**t hit the fan, then it will happen, and the timing and climate there in the US is perfect for that, so no matter how hard I hate to shovel “fear”, you have to be afraid if that is what it takes to get you into motion.

And again and again – think in small circles.

For example, I can say for myself that I am for human rights, protecting the weak and people who suffered, but more than that I am about respecting of my way of living, and if there is a bunch of people who want to change my way of living with force because they are so different I want them out of my country.

Now, this sounds nice and normal, decent.

But it does not have too much with storing food and ammo, learning new skills, knowing how to purify water or simply working on your survival group.

When real SHTF there is no democrats, republicans, political options, right or wrong, left or right.

Everything is kinda blurred and at the end, there are YOU and OTHERS.

You will find yourself standing somewhere, maybe in a similar backyard like mine, 25 years ago, asking yourself where everything is gone and how suddenly bottle of water is more important than the whole bunch of political options, parties, opinions, solutions etc.

And you had such high hopes for a better life!

Stay on the right track of prepping, do not be mesmerize with current events. Monitor events, of course, but stay on the track, and please do not have high hopes that “everything is gonna be OK”.

Also note, while America is the greatest example of this problem just now, other countries are, and will, experience very very similar things… Don’t believe it ‘Can’t happen’ where you are…

If you see worrying signs where you live, please share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. If this happens to America…. Then the whole world will be in dire straights… Just imagine what country will attack another country. There will be no America to come and dole out Money Troops and food… Russia , China and Mexico will try to carve up America.. If that happens then soon they will come for other countries..

  2. FOR many years the LORD called out,and cryed to america ,YOUR MEN MUST STAND UP,but there were no men to stand up,the women believed they were Men,and the Men that weren’t already thrown into prison were few and to far between,THE REST were yellow cowards and queers,this ain’t the fighting force america once had,AND THE WHOLE WORLD HAS BEEN WATCHING,the women have destroyed america with their stupid ideas,the police gangs are bragging WE ARE YOUR SLAVE MASTERS,the russians are laughing about how easy its going to be to just take what ever they want,including the young women back to russia as slaves,AMERICA is ripe to be taken over and it will be,THIS war won’t go anything like the few men who are left on the streets think it will,they just don’t realize how few they are,the number of survivors won’t be many,maybe a few hundred at best,maybe not that many…GOOD luck boys,you should have stood up 20 years ago,now america has crossed the RUBICON..ALL your HERO’S are devils and always have been,but national pride blinds fools,and theres never been a blinder nation then america,YOU LIVE IN “MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT” now think about what the most educational book ever written says about that.and ALL you dumb shits let the whores you call school teachers throw it out of the schools,YOUR children are worthless now,this is going to be the worse bloodbath in history coming,SADLY you deserve it..FOR NOT STANDING UP LIKE THE LORD TOLD YOU TO DO,get close to the LORD boys,your going to meet him shortly,Face to Face,does he Know you?do you know him?you better pray he does…

  3. Homelessness, local businesses shutting doors, but many homeless have been removed in my home town. Don’t see much of them. Charities take over, I think.

    Businesses close down, but thankfully, somebody else takes over. I live in a small town, but we have military bases nearby that keep this town up.

    Hardly any crime, thank God!

  4. I knew fellows who worked in bosnia after the war. stories of so many bodies dumped in the river that they clogged up the drains in the hydroelectric dam. other victims were ground up in the dog food factory and flushed into the river. one fellow I knew and his female interpreter went to a local jail one day for information on an investigation. the bosnia jailer greeted the interpreter with a smile and told the American that they “well knew her.” meaning of course that she was a prisoner there and had been raped repeatedly. the American did everything he could to maintain his composure and not punch out the Bosnian jailer. the jailer began to talk about times before and during the war. he said that prior to the war he was a librarian, a nothing job with no status. as a militia member during and after the war, his status had vastly increased. he asked the American, “how could I ever go back to what I was before?” may God help us all.