When the World Comes After America, The War Will Last For Years And Most Large Cities Will Be Destroyed


The next great depression will be worldwide and it will be deeper and more chaotic than anything ever seen before. When the whole world suffers it will blame the U.S. for it and everyone will want a piece of America for retribution.

The Nations of Russia, China, and Iran, which will lead the Muslim nations in the Mid East and Africa, will gang up on America which will be even more devastated financially than most nations. The American forces will succumb to a massive attack that takes down most of our electronic equipment and destroys our high tech advantage.

The war that follows will become a mostly conventional affair fought on American soil. A massive invasion by millions of enemy troops will follow who will commit every war crime imaginable on the American people. The invasion will come after internal conflict, caused by financial devastation, has taken a high death toll among Americans fighting among themselves over diminishing resources.

The invading nations will see this as their best opportunity to destroy America permanently and gain valuable natural resources at the same time. This is why it will be mostly conventional after a possible limited nuclear strike to disable our military resources and infrastructure. To make matters worse, these invaders will be aided by elements within the U.S. government who will cooperate with these ground forces.

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The battles that follow will be fought mostly by local and state militias reinforced by the few remaining active duty soldiers that escaped annihilation in the opening days of the conflict. It will become a guerrilla war fought in every corner of every state in CONUS. Alaska and Hawaii will be cut off and allowed to wither until they surrender.

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The war will last for years and most large cities and towns will be destroyed to eliminate any resources that partisan fighters can use. The only civilians that will escape detention and death by enemy forces will be those that are hidden in rural areas and dug in deep to prevent detection. Any food will have to be grown in small isolated plots hidden from enemy forces. Every day will be a fight for survival as the number of American forces dwindles.

American forces will survive by becoming very mobile and remaining on the move. Small attacks that chip away at enemy forces will be the primary tactic. Only when an unstoppable outside force arrives to reinforce Americans will the tide of war turn. The enemy will ultimately be driven back and America’s borders secured but the cost of victory will be very high and the population will be greatly reduced.


Is this scenario a possibility? It becomes more likely every day that we proceed on our current path and if history is any indicator it could become a reality. Americans are oblivious to the possibility of any such turn of events but it could very well happen within a decade. The inability of Americans to accept reality and the need to continue living in the comfortable cocoon of illusion they desire will end in tragedy very soon. No amount of hopeful thinking will change events that require positive action. The lack of critical thinking ability will doom the U.S. to new depths of despair before a new nation will arise that appreciates our heritage and the sacrifices of those that came before us. Hopefully, this is a lesson we will not have to learn a second time.

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  1. I disagree. The other countries’ leaders know the khazarians are to blame, not the populace. Unless those leaders are nwo in which case they will kill their own citizens as well

  2. yeah that is so not going to happen civil unrest will act up in the welfare ghettos do to the wild untamed nature and some folks will seek goods and sex from girls but that too will stop at the end of a rope! dude one us nuke sub puts china in the stone age in 33 seconds! russia will not attack us we have all kinds of nukes in the wrong places and systems that are set up on dead man switches! and there are more guns and crazy red necks in america then there are stars in the sky! your an idiot pandering to retarded folks who cant even wipe or hold a fork! the lord rebuke you!

    • But you have to remember that America has killed over 60 million little unborn babies and many that were already born besides. And America has tolerated homosexuality too. So while you make some points from pure logic that look pretty good, you have left out the fact that God brings a strange and particularly cruel punishment to nations that kill babies and tolerate homosexuality. Especially when they defend those things in argument by saying that they are Gods children and they will be blessed as they do it. This brings a portion of Gods wrath that is like no other.

      • I’m not tolerating that. Hopefully God sees us standing in the gap for this disgusting country and we will have the amnesty that Lot had on the behalf of his uncle Abraham. We can only hope The Almighty sees his people sigh and cry for the abominations done in the midst thereof and the anguish for the habitation of every foul and hateful bird. Lety us repent and turn from our evil ways while the churches say not so. As they love their sins and say we will not turn from our wicked ways neither reprove in the gate.

    • “Therefore thou hast forsaken thy people, the house of Jacob, because they be replenished from the east, and are SOOTHSAYERS, and they please themselves in the children of strangers.” Isaiah 2:6

  3. Hopefully there will be plenty o’ sluts left roaming through the apocalyptic ruins. Hot sluts, with fair price structures and some modicum of hygiene. This is all that I ask.

  4. The nukes cant be used strategically, there would be a resultant catastrophic nuke plant melt-downs and environmental disaster. The U.S. is incapable of conventional resistance because the “men” have become degenerate homosexuals and sympathizers. They are ruled by, and have become, women.

  5. The one thing you left out of your scenario is the 400 nuclear reactors all over the earth. Many of these will go off line and blow up. Can you imagine 100 fukishimas or chernobles? Everything on earth would die. You
    see M.A.D. ( mutually assured destruction) has become more complex.

  6. Once again another article full of alarmist malarkey.
    There will be no invasion of the USA. No foreign troops
    There will be limited nuclear war followed by a breakup of the USA which will be a good thing.

      • A breakup means you can live the way you want to, with the government you choose to have (locally) in your region–not in DC thousands of miles away, run by zipperheads who don’t listen to you.

        You’ve been waving the flag too long–and seeing the whole world though a toilet paper tube.

  7. I agree in most of the things you’re saying but for an allies to come out and help us is really really thin. Just how we act on our neighbors (Mexico). it’s a super power controlled by the u.s. right now. There’s a lot of ways things could go. Like your story. thank you for bringing it to attention.

    • Most western Christians have a very faulty interpretation of the Bible relating to prophecy. America will suffer and her suffering will be great. It’s just a warning and you are free to dismiss it. Next decade will lay all these frivolous arguements of both side to rest

  8. Something fairly significant would have had to of occurred, thereby making the outside vulture forces feel they could come in and sack the US with little oppostion. It could be a string of events which sets that scenario up.

  9. Foreign UN Forces are here already as well as the
    ISIS Fighters.
    Combat Trained. You may have AK AR
    no combat training BYE BYE.

  10. There are Russian troops in almost every american city,and massive amounts of Chinese troops in the underground bases,BROUGHT here by the government and the US MILITARY,…THEY ARE READY and waiting for the BIG EARTHQUAKE,after that the NUCLEAR weapons will be use on america,the attack on this braindead country will be completely successful,it’ll go down like a rock in the pond,I have a list of 30 cities that will be nuked into ash,including every military base,WHEN you lie to GOD he will destroy you,and the GOVERNMENT LIED when they took their OATH TO HIM,every propghet in the BIBLE warned DO NOT TAKE AN OATH OT GOD,if you take an Oath to him you better cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s or your next stop will be hell……..

    • You’re insane–you’ve been listening to Steve Quayle and other black helicopter jockeys over the years. I suggest you wake up and start living in reality. There are no underground bases loaded with Chinese or Russians. WAKE UP YOU FOOL!

  11. The war will be short (about three days) and will be a nuclear attack…. and it will be of Amerika’s doing BTW. We will cause the war to come upon us. It will be our fault with the current thinking of the Christian Imperialists/Neo-Cons who now control Amerikan foreign military deployments/policy.

    You will only have yourselves to blame.

    Do not look to blame Russia or China or anyone else–they will only be defending themselves (trying to break away) against the ‘dollar tyranny’ imposed by our military and foreign policy.

    No amount of praying or sniveling to Jesus will stop the war.

    There will be no ‘seven year apocalypse’ and Jesus will not float down out of the clouds with lasers shooting out of his eyes and ears to save you–not going to happen.

    • Funny I had another dream about red russian spottter bombers in america launching attack drones which in turn launched smart bombs full of tiny little explosive drones annihilating everything before the rockets launched on the red dawn. Didnt know what it meant but i think I do and hope we turn from our wicked ways individually so God has a remnant to work with here.

  12. Over 100 Catholic mystics, saints and stigmatics have warned of the coming WW3 and its prelude and aftermath.

    St. Nilus in the “5th Century” warned that in the “20th. century” deep drenched in blood the world will lay.Fir

    St. Hildegard 11th. cent – Blessed Mariana de Jesus Torres, 16th., cent – Blessed Camora, 17th. cent. – Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich, 18th. centu. Blessed Maria Tiagi, 18th. cent,. and many more describe both the religious apostasy of the Church and Christianity and the coming chastisement – severe punishment of mankind, both in and following the 20th century.

    According to these many mystics , saints and stigmatics – God is going to punish the Church and the world for its sins and the great apostasy; the abandonment of near 2000 years of true doctrine and faith for the creation of a new god, the worship of “man”. Abortion, homosexuality, contraception, immodesty in dress and actions, pornography, and the many more serious sins of modern mankind, but mostly for the great “apostasy” of the Church and Christianity from the true faith and from God.

    Firstly, God will allow our enemies to punish us severely (i.e. Russia, China, Islam, etc) then when all seems lost, when both the Church and world seem doomed, when God’s justice has been appeased, the God, in the middle of this “chastisement” then intervenes and turns the tide. All the enemies of God, His Church (and those within) and our countries will be totally annihilated, but not before a most severe chastisement of nature and war, followed by the “Peace promised by Our Lady (Mary, mother of God)” which will be almost 1000 years, then man begins to fall again and comes the end of the world.

    – Sister Lucia of Fatima:(1907-2005), “Russia, because it was not converted (To Catholicism), attacks both Europe and America – however, America is spared the prison camps – (i.e. we fight back and win at a great cost however)

    – Blessed Elena Aiello, Italian mystic and stigmatic, (1895-1961), from her many visions and messages from heaven: Russia attacks and overwhelms all of Europe and attacks America with her “secret” armies (i.e. Obama’s Marxist Deep State). Whole countries, provinces and cities are destroyed in both massive natural disasters (earthquakes, tidal waves) and WW3. Every major city in the world will be destroyed.

    – Pope JPII in 1984 asked a noted and respected German mystic what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities and military bases. Russia will filed over 10,000,000 soldiers with arms, planes, tanks, missiles, and armaments in numbers the world never imagined they were amassing

    – Marie Julie Jahenny (1850-1945). French Mystic and Stigmatic, from her many revelations and visions: Russia will attack in three wedges: 1. Russia attacks and overwhelms all the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. 2. Russia attacks through and with Germany to France and Spain. 3. Russia attacks through and with Iran to the Balkans, Greece and Turkey, and then to Italy defeating all quickly. St. Pope Pius X and St. John Bosco, among others, also had the same visions.

    America will be attack from six sides:

    1. Florida: Marxist S. American countries – Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and others side with Russia.
    2. Mexico: As above sides with Russia.
    3. Minnesota: Russian and Muslim elements strike out to sabotage and destroy bridges, railroads, dams, airports, highways, utilities, electricity grid, etc. Note: Large pop. of Russians and Muslims in Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, and the Dakota’s.
    4. Alaska: Russia attack from Alaska and Artic – heading directly to the Minn/Manitoba border in order to try to reach the Mississippi to cut America in half – but are stopped at the border by Canadian and America forces and civilians.
    5. Pennsylvania: Russian elements attempt to drive from the east coast through Pittsburgh to the interior.
    6. California: One million man Chinese amphibious landing “with help from within – deep state” – they take to the Rocky Mtn’s before they are driven back into the ocean: They kill every man, woman and child they encounter. Read the “2005 Speech of the Chinese Minister of Defense” to Chinese Military officers and Government officials.

    Firstly: Very sudden civil war and revolution in all the Western countries, America and Europe, for approximately 4-5 months, then when all is in turmoil and chaos, Russia with her allies attacks both Europe and America. WW3 lasts approximately 3-4 years.

    No electricity, food, utilities, waters, clothes, meds, transportation for one to two years, nothing but chaos, anarchy, mobs, gangs, neighbors once docile now monsters and enemies, starvation on a level never imagined in America leading to widespread cannibalism.

    Then in the middle of WW3, when God finally intervenes on His terms, comes the “Three Days Darkness” and the “Great Monarch”. The Great Catholic Monarch, who has the blood of all European Monarchy in his veins, surfaces when all seems lost, a man and family thought to be extinct, but living in exile. He faces an army of millions of Russian/Islamic troops in Westphalia, Germany with a small army of faithful. He defeats the massive Russian/Islamic army, splits them, chases the Russians into Russia and decimates their army, then turns to the fleeing Muslims, pursues them into the Middle East and annihilates their armies.

    All this because the Church (Pope and the Hierarchy have abandoned God along with the majority of Christians. All this to happen very soon this year or next, but soon and suddenly.

    All the enemies of God, His Church and our countries will be annihilated in the end, both those without and “within each”.

  13. Hey Mr. Dan, I wondering how you got so jacked up in your fear monger. Are you by chance trying to sell another book? You got Jarheadusmc so jacked up it looks like he is writing it for you. We need everyone now to look directly at reality and not take their direction from a two thousand year old book you and your ilk so love to quote.

    You boys have had at least two thousands years to get it right, and apparently either the book is wrong, or you guys just use its pages to make paper airplanes. Christianity has not change humanity one iota because humans are just as animalistic, brutal, mean, psychotic and deranged as we have always been. It is now just called “doing business”.

    I know Fear Mongering sells books, but please stop this fear mongering. No other country on earth has as many of its citizens armed as does America. If we were going to be invaded it would already have happened, but it won’t, specifically because they will find a gun behind every blade of grass as the Japanese were noted to have said of why they didn’t bother to invade during WWII !!

  14. We have a window of time to create a bigger better new Confederate States Of America for white Christian patriots ONLY. Do this now … or die in the war you’re talking about. 2 + 2 = 4.

  15. Sounds like the George Washington “prophecy”…

    The bulk of what you have written here will come to pass but only the parts specifically written about in scripture.

    Such as Isaiah 13, 14 & 47, Jeremiah 50 & 51 and Revelation 17-19

    America is BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH and as such will be a desolation without inhabitant forever.

    Jeremiah 50 & 51 speak of the 2nd American Revolution or Civil War and that Babylon’s enemies will use it as an opportunity to attack but it will result in absolute and permanent destruction, not eventual victory.

    The scriptures call ALL believers in Christ to leave this abominable filth spreader no less than 7 times throughout scripture, not just Revelation 18:4.

    And God EXPECTS His children to obey it WITHOUT QUESTION once shown this. Even after the arrows fall upon her the survivors are still called to “deliver yourselves from the fierce anger of the Lord.” Not stick around.

  16. I’m glad this will happen. Many Militia will hunt down liberals. As long as America gets rid of liberals it will be a fine thing. No matter the cost. Plus, we get their stuff.

  17. You say, “The War Will Last For Years”…

    God says:

    1. “In a MOMENT, One a SINGLE DAY!!!!” Isaiah 47:9

    2. “Therefore in ONE DAY her plagues will overtake her:
    death, mourning and famine.
    She will be consumed by fire,
    for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.” Rev 18:8

    3. “In ONE HOUR your doom has come!’” Rev 18:9

    4. “In ONE HOUR such great wealth has been brought to ruin!’” Rev 18:17

    5. “In ONE HOUR she has been brought to ruin!’” Rev 18:19

    Further… God also say’s concerning her….

    1. “No one will live in it;
    both people and animals will flee away.” Jeremiah 50:3

    2. “She will be the least of the nations—
    a wilderness, a dry land, a desert.” (ie… a BURNED OUT/RADIO-ACTIVE WASTELAND) Jeremiah 50:12

    3. “Because of the Lord’s anger she will NOT BE INHABITED
    but will be COMPLETELY DESOLATE.” Jeremiah 50:13

    4. “Because of the sword of the oppressor
    let everyone return to their own people,
    let EVERYONE FLEE to their own land.” (EVERYONE…. they either DIE or FLEE [LEAVE]) Jeremiah 50:16

    5. “Pursue, kill and completely destroy them,” (Those who don’t FLEE/MAKE IT OUT ALIVE) Jeremiah 50:21

    6. “How BROKEN and SHATTERED (DESTROYED) is the hammer of the whole earth!
    among the nations!”

    7. “Completely destroy her
    and leave her no remnant.” Jeremiah 50:26

    8. “Encamp all around her;
    let no one escape.” Jeremiah 50:29

    9. “Therefore, her young men will fall in the streets (Nuclear Strike);
    all her soldiers WILL BE SILENCED in that day (“IN A MOMENT, ON A SINGLE DAY/IN ONE DAY/ONE HOUR),”
    declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 50:30, Isaiah 47:9, Revelation 18:8, 9, 17 and 19!!!

    10. “The ARROGANT ONE will stumble and fall
    and NO ONE will help her up;
    I will kindle A (NUCLEAR) FIRE IN HER TOWNS
    that will CONSUME (BURN/NUCLEAR) all who are around her.” Jeremiah 50:32

    11. “So desert creatures and hyenas will live there,
    and there the owl will dwell.
    IT WILL NEVER AGAIN BE INHABITED (Means: No One Lives There)
    or lived in from generation to generation.” Jeremiah 50:39

    12. “As I overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah
    (No Body EVER MOVED BACK to SODOM and/or Gomorrah… nor did anyone alive HANG OUT THERE)
    along with their neighboring towns,”
    declares the Lord,
    no people will dwell in it.” Jeremiah 50:40

    13. “I will chase Babylon from its land in an instant.” (IN A MOMENT, ON A SINGLE DAY, IN ONE DAY, ONE HOUR) Jeremiah 50:44, Isaiah 47:9, Revelation 18: 8, 9, 17 and 19!!!

    14. “At the sound of Babylon’s capture the earth will tremble;
    its cry will resound among the nations.” (Jeremiah 50:46)







  18. when it comes none of the foreign troops are going home they will all die on our soul and every pieces of there equipment confiscated and the traitors in our government as well as citizens who help them will be shot dead on site.

    • And where did you acquire these alternate “facts”?

      Babylon will be a desolation without inhabitant forever and nobody will use a single stone from her to build any dwelling anywhere on the face of the earth as they will be contaminated with radioactivity…

  19. a coordinated coastal sub based attack on the biggest cities followed by fumigation via white vapor chem that cleans out the interior using the jet stream as the vehicle. over the pole, coastal landings, up from mexico. when we are well nigh defeated…. help comes. a remnant will be left as china battles russia to the gates of paris and unite with russia taking command of everything. they then march united against Jacob. they will cry for help. then the Son returns. maranatha!

  20. One glich to this scenario. A global decimating DEPRESSION would leave ALL nations financially devistated. With NO money, HOW are other nations going to launch an attack on the US ??? I DO think a global Depression is coming (the entire civilized world has been living on CREDIT !!!), and the coming depression will pure HELL for probably hundreds of millions of people, and millions may starve, BUT, gain, WHAT country is gonna have the MONEY to attack America ???

    • A great nation from the north country as Jeremiah 50 and 51 explicitly state.

      And NONE of their arrows will return in vain. NONE.