Dan Cowser

Dan Cowser is a seasoned survival expert with over two decades of experience in teaching survival skills and emergency preparedness. As the founder and chief editor of SurvivalDan101.com, Dan has dedicated his career to educating individuals and families on how to thrive in the face of adversity. His hands-on approach combines traditional survival techniques with modern survival strategies, making his advice both accessible and reliable.

Raised in the rural outskirts of Montana, Dan developed a profound respect for nature from an early age. He honed his skills under the tutelage of his grandfather, a veteran woodsman, and expanded his expertise through formal training and numerous expeditions into some of the country’s most challenging terrains.

Dan served in the military, where he specialized in survival training for extreme environments. His service not only refined his skills but also instilled in him a deep-seated desire to empower others with this critical knowledge. After his honorable discharge, Dan pursued his passion for survival education, which led to the creation of SurvivalDan101.com.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dan is a family man, sharing his life with his partner, Maria, and their two children, Alex and Emma. He believes in integrating survival principles into everyday life and enjoys teaching his kids the value of self-reliance and respect for nature.

In his spare time, Dan is an avid outdoorsman, often found leading family hikes, camping trips, and wildlife photography excursions. He also enjoys woodworking, a hobby that allows him to craft useful and beautiful items that reflect his love for the outdoors. Dan’s commitment to a balanced life is evident in his community involvement, where he volunteers as a scout leader, sharing his survival knowledge with the next generation.